Muslim Attacks Crew, Threatens to Blow Up Plane in Air Over NYC? Media Bury the Story!

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Something stunning happened last week on a JetBlue from New York bound for South Florida, but most of America hasn’t heard a word about it. Which means two things… it’s Truth, and it’s about a Muslim who is a threat!

There has been scant coverage of this incident. No big media, no mug shots, nothing. But it’s a big story. Punching out flight attendants and threatening to blow up the plane is terrorism…

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – A Queens man has been charged after he allegedly shoved two fight attendants, punched a third attendant and threatened to blow up the plane during a flight from New York City to South Florida.

Alija Kucuk, 29, of Middle Village in Queens, N.Y., is facing federal charges of interfering with a flight attendant and threatening to destroy an aircraft. He is jailed in Palm Beach County pending a bond hearing Monday in federal court in West Palm Beach.

Kucuk, a Muslim immigrant from Albania, was aboard JetBlue Airways Flight 153 from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Palm Beach International Airport on Thursday night, investigators said.

Around 8 p.m., just after the flight leveled off after its ascent, FBI agents said a male flight attendant was preparing food and drinks in the rear of the plane.

The attendant, Whitney Rolle, was also monitoring the aisle as he worked, authorities said.

“Rolle observed Alija Kucuk run down the single aisle of the aircraft and push two flight attendants on his way to Whitney Rolle,” FBI Special Agent Robert McGuire wrote in his report. The attendant tried to get Kucuk to calm down by asking what was the matter with him but Kucuk pushed him into a door and “punched” the victim in the face, witnesses told the agent.

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“The altercation that transpired between Alija Kucuk and Whitney Rolle included verbal epithets and racial slurs by Alija Kucuk. During this time, Alija Kucuk also yelled … he ‘would blow up the plane,’” agents wrote.

According to commenters on local news site NY1 who claimed to be passengers on the flight, the Muslim man Kucuk yelled “f**king nigger” at Rolle, a Black man, and threatened to “cut him” and “blow up the plane.”


The flight attendant was able to restrain Kucuk and he was detained for the rest of the flight. He was arrested when the flight landed in South Florida.

Court records offer no information about a possible motive and FBI officials declined to comment on the case.

Attempts to contact possible relatives of Kucuk for comment were unsuccessful. One man hung up the phone when asked if he was a family member and voicemail messages left with other possible relatives were not returned late Friday.

The Federal Public Defender’s Office was appointed to represent Kucuk during a brief court appearance Friday but office policy prohibits lawyers from commenting on cases.

NY1 also reported that Kukuk has an “immigration issue” of an unspecified nature.

Huh? Is he here on an expired visa? Illegal alien? One of those wonderful “refugees” who so appreciate our generosity, as the Tsarnaevs did?

We apparently cannot be told. Meanwhile similar incidents by Americans on aircraft, whether drunk, belligerent or otherwise. A mom of two who was kicked off an American flight last week for merely complaining about a delay became national news that made all the network morning shows.

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But not this story. No national news coverage. No details on the immigration situation. No mug shots., only one, unconfirmed photo provided by a blogger in NYC, which was reportedly taken during last year’s Albanian-American parade in New York:

Why so quiet, national media, about an apparent act of Islamic terror that may carry a 20-year sentence?

“TOLERANCE” can go slap itself.

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