‘Wealthy’ Germany ‘Bribes’ Turkey to Stem Refugee Inflow to Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered Turkey the acceleration of its accession process to the EU in exchange for cooperation in stopping the influx of refugees to Europe.

Merkel announced that Germany could speed up the path to visa-free travel for Turkish nationals and provide the country with required financial assistance.

Turkey had requested $3.4 billion in financial aid for supplying Syrian refugees on its territory with essentials and accommodation. The amount is three times more than the EU had originally offered, but Germany is ready to continue negotiations in order “to make some progress on this process,” Merkel said.

“Wealthy states bribing not so wealthy ones has become a stock-standard response that reduces refugee problems to matters of financial distribution and bean counting,” Dr. Binoy Kampmark wrote for Global Research.

According to Kampmark, Merkel is practically using refugees as a bargaining chip in negotiating Turkey’s integration into the EU. Playing with Turkey’s long-held ambition to join the European Union, Merkel hopes to put an end to the migration crisis and stop the wave of refugees entering European countries.

“In the face of considerable disquiet within her own ranks, she [Merkel] has hit upon another approach: keeping the problem closer to the source by bribing Turkey,” Kampmark stated. “Merkel’s suggestion is say no to Islamthat Turkey’s integration into the EU can be sped up, using refugee management as a bargaining chip.”

At the same time, Merkel continues to stick to her principle of open borders within the EU. She rejected tightening Germany’s border controls and sending back migrants arriving from Austria, despite the fact that Germany expects about 800,000 newcomers itself.

European countries have been struggling to resolve the refugee crisis for many months, but without much success.  Hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants continue to flee their home countries in the Middle East and North Africa to escape violence and poverty.

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  1. Mrs. Merkel will try easing Turkey’s long-hanging application for accession to the EU. She’s in a quandary concerning the very poor decision to flood Germany with Muslims, many masquerading as Syrian refugees. I has no idea that about 72+% of them were younger, military-age males, did you? Something very unusual about that!
    Now, Angela finally hears the voices of angry Germans who are absolutely fed-up with the sacrifices their government wants them to make for ingrate Muslims, most indoctrinated with “their superiority” over Germans who are mostly Christians.
    So here’s the way I’m looking ahead if Merkel can “pull it off”….If Merkel can succeed in convincing Turkey to give refuge to fellow Muslims, Turkey, in turn,is admitted via German influence. Turkish nationals can then travel visa-free anywhere in the EU. I wonder if “Syrian refugees” given refuge in Turkey, would have the same privileges to travel visa-free in the EU? If they become “Turkish nationals,” they could. If Turkey admits them, but only in the official status as “refugee,” they would not have the visa-free EU option.
    This is a very sticky situation, don’t you agree?

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha!. Turkey will stem the Islamic invasion until it becomes part of the EU and then take over Europe with 75 Millions Sunni Terrorists! Angela Merkel badlt needs an alternate education on EU, Islam, Invasion and so on to the one approved for her and provided by the US-NATO-Sunni axis.

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