Hillary Benghazi Testimony: Masterful, Brilliant?

By John W Lillpop

Commentators from extremes of the punditry class appear to agree that Hillary Clinton was able to acquit herself reasonably well during the Benghazi hearings on October 21.

Some even went so far as to describe Clinton’s performance as “masterful” or “brilliant.” Others employed superlatives clearly out of place when applied to congenital liars, those complicit in the murder of American diplomats, and political street thugs engaged in cover-ups to prevent honest, open elections from derailing the legacy and agenda of the reigning Marxist tyrant and closeted Muslim now in control of the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Despite all the misguided accolades heaped on the “Inevitability Queen,” Trey Gowdy et al. managed to establish several vital points for the record, including:

Within two hours of the attack, Clinton informed her family that Benghazi had been attacked by “Al-Qaeda like” forces; even though President Obama took credit for decimating that terrorist group in his re- election campaign rhetoric;

Within hours, Clinton advised an Egyptian official that the US knew that the attack was NOT related to the anti-Muslim film initially blamed for the attack;

In the months leading up to the 9/11/12 attack, more than 600 requests for additional security at Benghazi were sent to the State Department by Ambassador Stevens and others in Libya. Clinton claimed that she did not see any of the requests and was unaware of the dangerous circumstances.

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While Hillary’s behavior cannot be logically described as masterful or brilliant, it is clear that she affirmed a long-standing image about herself: She is a despicable liar who cares not one whit about defending America or American lives!

As far as Republican “witch hunters” are concerned, they deserve high praise for smoking out the most wretched witch of all time— Hillary Rodham Clinton!

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