Vigorous Crackdown on Dissent in Germany

The “refugee” crisis is spinning out of control, and the political establishment in Germany is doing damage control by feverishly suppression all criticism of the country’s immigration policy, and of the migrants themselves.

JLH has translated two op-eds by Hans Heckel on the crackdown that were published in the past week in Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung. The first piece:

Germans into the Tent

by Hans Heckel

How a small gallows spreads fear, why we are too primitive for lies, and what Merkel and company are afraid of

Goodness gracious! ARD sounds the alarm that in the PEGIDA movement “now almost revolutionary tones are sounding” — words like “resistance” or “traitor to the people” or “Merkel must go.” Citizens have been “radicalized”, scolds the government broadcaster. We are scared to death — Radicalized! Even more? Is that possible? Already last year, North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the Interior Ralf Jäger (SPD) was calling the PEGIDA people “Nazis in pinstripes.” Since the time when our society accepted leftist extremists as belonging to the forefathers of our “humanistic heritage,” “Nazi” has been the most absolutely radical term you can aim at someone. Shortly before the latest PEGIDA demonstration, Spiegel called the Dresden walkers the “complete Browns.”[1] So now the “complete Browns” are supposed to have been even further radicalized? To what… the “even more Browns”?

The main source of the most recent uproar is two small gallows someone put together for the Dresden demo — one that had about 2,000 participants. From one dangled a slip of paper with the name of Chancellor Merkel, and from the other the name of Vice Chancellor Gabriel. Was that it? Yes, that was it. Anyone who followed the level of outrage in the media would have assumed the man had thrown a bomb into the chancellery offices.

But maybe this upset is just necessary for strategic reasons. Saarland’s interior minister Klaus Bouillon (CDU) warns that “unregulated, wild masses of asylum seekers are streaming through Germany,” Bavaria’s Seehofer accuses the chancellor of trying to create a “different Germany” and the US presidential candidate Donald Trump calls our chancellor “a madwoman” whose “crazy” immigration policy is driving her country to ruin. “They will have uprisings in Germany,” he said on CBS.

Germans who hear that, and see their city morphing rapidly into a caravanserai…they could have some dangerous — some “radicalized” thoughts. To forestall that, they must be pumped full of proper thinking in good time, before dangerous thoughts can take hold.

Thinking properly means sensing danger only from the “right” and not seeing it, for instance, in the flood tide of millions of immigrants. That is why it is depicted as a sad accident when one asylum seeker murders another. An incident that — it goes without saying — “may by no means lend itself to generalizations.” If, on the other hand, a German demolishes an empty asylum house — still in the planning stage — it is a “disgrace for all of Germany” as Thomas de Maizière has just recently written into our history. That means that misdeeds of this sort are “generalized” to include all of Germany — Shame on you!

So here we all are, with one foot in the Nazi trap. Anyone who dares to think (danger!) is on the line.

Or at the very least will be revealed as stupid. Surveys show that people with little or no education are especially afraid of the flood of asylum seekers. The more educated, it is said, are more relaxed in their appraisal. “Fear researcher” Borwin Bandelow detects the “primitive part of the brain” at work in the stupid portion of the people “who have not completed secondary school.” The “more logically driven people emphasize the economic and demographic advantages of young and work-ready people immigrating to an aging Germany.”

To preserve his own logic, Mr. Bandelow should probably not read what Widand von Petersdos has written in the Frankfurter Allgemeine: If a million 25-year-olds came over the border, that would lower the average age of our population by a measly two years, from 43 to 41 That is as good as no help at all to our pension funds in “aging Germany.”

So we may certainly ask what the many immigrants will do for the pension fund. Minister of Employment Andrea Nahles is expecting one million additional Hartz-V [welfare] recipients because of the asylum seekers. Remember: In Denmark, three-quarters of the asylum seekers who had immigrated in 2000 were still clinging to the support structure of social services ten years later. Will that rescue the pension fund?

And those who find a job are competing for the most part with those “less qualified” indigenes, who are now hardly able to find employment that is enough to live on. Their miserable earnings will shrink even more, the rare positions will be even more hotly contested. So perhaps that is a reason that reservations about the flood of asylum seekers among the “simple people” is especially great.

Oh well, they’re all primitives, as researcher Bandelow knows, and in that he is in full agreement with his peers in the handsome villa neighborhoods and expensive inner-city apartments. The rabble with their dim drives, “with no secondary education” — what do they know! And who cares about the “pack” anyway? The truth is, we Germans definitely profit in general economic terms from the influx of asylum seekers, so say the economic experts.

Did I actually say “profit”? Bad mistake. Now you are definitely suspicious, because “Germany will profit most from the euro” or “…from the bank bailout” or “…from the bailout of Greece” or “…from open borders” is ringing in your ears. Unfortunately, your mistrust is once again justified. Who will “profit” is the asylum industry, including the owners of real estate, who can now rent their hovels at sky-high prices to their community, so that it will be able to accommodate the immigrants. And profits will also be made by all those firms that offer everything from portaloos to containers, tents to beds, without consideration of the price that is being snatched from your hands.

What is not so profitable is the whole shebang that has to be paid for by the taxpayers. What is being sold to us as “additional economic growth as a result of the refugee influx” is nothing but a gigantic redistribution of wealth at the expense of almost everyone and to the benefit of very few. But we are already familiar with that from the “salvation of the euro” which went — is still going — exactly the same way.

For certain people, the “profit” from the flood of asylum seekers could have rather drastic results. In Focus, Christoph Butterwegge fears that soon Germans too will have to live in tents because the paucity of living accommodations in heavily settled areas will really accelerate. So now we ask ourselves why the “Nazi club” is more important than ever. Look at all of this together. Here is the stuff of a full-fledged people’s uprising — deception, robbery and finally the decline into the tent cities. A people faced with such a scenario might possibly decide to inquire about who has made all this happen. They might want to bring those responsible to justice!

Exactly that naturally flashed through the minds of the listeners when they encountered the toy gallows. It can make a person queasy. So now is the time for firm use of the deadly Nazi club — criticism must be smothered in the cradle, beaten to a pulp.

But, what if “you Nazi” bounces off the people because they can see through the maneuver. Oh my, then things will be getting serious. Right then.

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