Fearing knife attacks, Knesset ‘hides’ dining room silverware

The latest “victim” of the wave of terror in Israel is the Knesset silverware cart.

Visitors to the Knesset dining room this week said that they had a “difficult time” finding knives and forks for their meals, and were forced to search for the utensils until finding them in a remote corner of the room.

It was a security measure, officials said, as the Knesset dining room is located just a few meters away from the plenum hall.

Usually, for the convenience of visitors, trays, plates, and silverware are set up in an array at the entrance of the dining room. Visitors then take their plates and silverware and step up to the cafeteria-style serving area, fill up their plate and find a seat.

But Knesset officials say that given the current situation, placing knives in the reach of visitors was “risky.”

“When the silverware was in the hallway, they were in easy reach of anyone, and maybe their availability would give someone the idea that they could get away with a stabbing attack. After discussing the matter with security officials we decided to move the silverware away from the entrance, to better keep an eye on those taking knives and ensuring that they were using them for their intended purpose.”

While it’s unlikely that the standard dining knives used in the dining room could do much harm – and despite the fact that the dining room, as well as other parts of the building, is protected by numerous armed guards – it was felt that even a failed attempt of a stabbing attack in the Knesset would be too much of a shock for MKs, and for Israelis in general.

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