GOP Fury Over Media Bias Takes Center Stage in Boulder!

By John W Lillpop

Forceful, no-nonsense performances by Republicans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, among others, led the way as the mainstream media, and specifically CNBC, were rightfully pummeled for unprofessional political bias, incompetence, and irrelevance during the third GOP debate in Boulder, Co. on Tuesday.

In the process, GOP warriors accused the mainstream media of being a Super Pac beholden to the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton!

Moreover, Jeb Bush’s attempt to vilify Senator Marco Rubio for missing votes on the floor of the US Senate backfired miserably as Rubio’s caustic rejoinder made Bush appear petty and overly personal, thereby delivering a solid win for the youthful Senator from Florida!

All in all, it was a terrific night for the Republican brand, as reported in the media:

Donald Trump was asked whether his run for the White House was “comic book version of a campaign”—a quote from a Trump critic. The billionaire business magnate and entertainer shot back, “No, and its not a very nicely asked question, the way you say that.”

Later Texas Senator Ted Cruz assailed the nature of all the questions being posed by the moderators.

“The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media,” Sen. Cruz said, before recapping many of the questions that had been asked at that point in the debate.
“How about talking about the substantive issues people care about?”

When NBC correspondent Carl Quintanilla questioned Dr. Ben Carson about his connections to the Mannatech medical nutritional supplement company, Carson said he uses the product and made speeches at Mannatech events. But he insisted the company didn’t have his permission to post his video or image on its website.

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The Democrats have the ultimate super PAC, it’s called the mainstream media.

“Does that not speak to your vetting process? Your judgment in any way?” Quintanilla asked.

Before Carson could even finish his answer, the crowd began booing the reporter’s question.

“See.. they know!” Carson quipped, eliciting applause.

During a discussion of independent political expenditure groups known as Super PACs, Florida Senator Marco Rubio quipped, “The Democrats have the ultimate super PAC, it’s called the mainstream media.”

Rubio went on to explain that some media organizations reported that Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton had a great week after weathering 11 hours of questioning by a House panel investigating the 2012 Benghazi attack.

The senator said the media should be reporting instead that the hearing proved Clinton wasn’t straight with the public in her original statements.

Rubio was asked to respond to the Sun Sentinel’s opinion piece asking that he resign his Senate seat because he has missed so many votes. He said he thought the south Florida newspaper, which originally endorsed his Senate run, was applying a different standard to him compared to previous presidential candidates.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush poked Rubio about it.

“Marco, when you signed up for this, this was a 6-year term, and you should be showing up to work.”

Rubio shot back, saying Bush never made an issue of John McCain’s Senate voting record when he was seeking the presidency in 2008.

“The only reason you’re doing it now is because we’re running for the same position and someone’s convinced you that attacking me is going to help you.”

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Conservatives should be highly encouraged, perhaps even ecstatic, by the fact that audience reaction was so passionate and positive for GOP candidates, while being hostile toward the biased interference of leftist moderators!

Clearly, loud cheers, applause and lusty boos do not count the same as election- day votes, but they may signal that the general public is finally becoming aware of the despicable fraud perpetrated in the name of objective journalism by leftist news media!

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