Ted Cruz: ‘Not a cage match’: Burns CNBC Moderators

Cruz Burns CNBC Moderators: This is Why Americans Don’t Trust the Media.cruz on CNBC

During a debate that was largely dominated by the moderators and their own opinions, Sen. Ted Cruz won huge cheers from the audience when he confronted them directly and alleged that they’re the reason the people don’t trust the media.

[youtube SODPwHG-sL8 nolink]

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Ted Cruz: ‘Not a cage match’: Burns CNBC Moderators, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Ted Cruz clearly exposed how the media was biased by pointing out each ridiculous question. As usual, the moderators avoided Ted Cruz, but they had to ask him a question eventually. Once they did, Ted Cruz exposed the media with the “Line of the Night” and made it clear for the American people how the media is working for the Left.

    This is the very reason most moderators do not want to ask Ted Cruz a question. They know that he is a champion debater and they do not want his message of freedom to get out to the American people.

    Ted Cruz made sure to be more aggressive at this debate and he made sure to speak even when they were ignoring him.

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