Must Watch: Ted Cruz Exposes Every Trick of the Washington Cartel; Explains Why Americans Are Frustrated

by The Conservative Papers | October 30, 2015

Sen. Cruz: The Budget Deal Is a Corrupt Betrayal of the American People

Senator Ted Cruz is becoming more and more impressive by the day.  The next day after winning the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate in Colorado with the line of the night, he traveled to Washington DC to fight the Budget Deal and he gave an epic speech on the Senate floor that was over an hour and a half long.

In that speech, he exposed both parties in Washington as fighting for corruption, cronyism, and corporate welfare for giant corporations and not fighting for the American people.  He especially pointed out that Republicans were not keeping the promises made to the people while campaigning for political office.  Cruz exposed every trick of the Washington Cartel (politicians in both parties that are in bed with lobbyists and special interests and together grow government) and explained the details of the bill before the Senate that was scheduled for a vote at 1 AM EDT.

Cruz explained how the bill gives Obama a blank credit card that is higher than a green, gold, platinum, or even a black card since it would give Obama the ability to spend trillions of dollars and not even have to pay for it.  That burden would be left to future generations.  He also revealed how Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is the most effective Democratic Leader in modern times.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He proved most effectively that McConnell has been fighting for every priority of the Democrats and presented detailed charts of how this was true.  Many of the votes on the floor have had the majority or unanimous support of the Democrats and have been opposed by a majority of the Republicans, but McConnell was able to pass the legislation despite Republicans having the majority in the Senate.  Thus, McConnell has been more effective of a Democratic Leader than Harry Reid.  This might be one of the most incredible, but true assertions, to have been revealed and is a must-watch in the video of Cruz’s speech below.

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Ted Cruz has been working tirelessly for the American people to expose the corruption in Washington and doesn’t just talk, but also walks the walk.  He tells the truth and does what he says he will do which is evidenced again by his actions here.  Ted Cruz has led the fights against Obamacare, amnesty, Planned Parenthood, and the catastrophic nuclear Iran deal including a filibuster back in 2013 when he stood for over 21 hours (21 hours 19 minutes) to defund Obamacare.  Most, if not all, Republican Presidential candidates talk a good game and claim to be against Washington, but when have they actually stood and fought?  It is easy to say they will fight, but if they have not already done so, it is not easy to start doing so since Democrats, the media, and even members of their own party will be fighting against them.  It is important to note that Trump, Carson, and others complained of standing at a debate for three hours, but Cruz stood for over 21 hours for the people.

This country needs a leader who has a proven record of fighting against Washington, defending the Constitution, and fighting for freedom.  The only one who has that proven record is Ted Cruz.

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