Boehner Clutters the Barn Even Further Before Leaving D.C.!

By John Lillpop:

Much ado has been made of John Boehner’s long overdue exit from the US House, and rightly so. After all, Boehner has cast an unseemly blight over the Republican Party since the Speaker’s gavel was entrusted to his unsteady hands and care several years ago.

In a final poke in the eyes of real conservatives, Boehner dedicated his last days in office to “Cleaning the barn,” although his final surrender to the reckless tyranny of Barack Obama vis-à-vis the two year budget “deal” is actually a proliferation of rubble and waste, with precious little cleaning obvious!

In that regard, Boehner’s “Barn cleaning” is all too much like the much-ballyhooed “Draining the swamp” farce boasted of by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi who, rather than reducing corruption, actually managed to flood the House with a tsunami of immoral, criminally-culpable Democrats, from which came a devastating legacy of political lawlessness that continues to haunt America to this day.

Of course Boehner’s promise was doomed to fail at the outset, even if his intentions had been honorable, given the fact that dealing with the political morass in Washington D.C. would necessarily require that Mitch McConnell also be removed from the US Senate, an act that Boehner could not unilaterally manage, regardless of how nasty the mess in the senior chamber.

Thus, we say farewell to the teary-eyed former Speaker and tormentor of conservative patriots, as he goes home to Ohio.

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And we send our condolences to the good people of Ohio whom surely deserve better!

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