Jewish man stabbed in Crown Heights, NY

An Emergency Medical Services (EMS) worker for Jewish medical group Hatzolah was stabbed in Crown Heights, NYC overnight Tuesday/Wednesday, just before 8:30 pm local time (3:30 am IST).

Police sources say a man – who may have been masked – stabbed the off-duty medic from behind on Eastern Parkway and Rogers Avenue with an unknown weapon before running off, ABC7 reports.

Footage has surfaced of him being lifted into his own ambulance for medical treatment. He is listed in serious condition.

Police scoured the scene for a weapon and the suspect; neither have been found.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams stated late Tuesday night that the stabbing may have been a hate crime.

“With the stabbings that are taking place in Israel, we cannot be relaxed when you investigate something of this magnitude, we need to determine if it is a hate crime, and we need to use all the video footage and whatever we can to apprehend the person,” he said.

He added that the Borough is ‘extremely sensitive now’ to the needs of the neighborhood’s large Chabad-Lubavitch community, which is due to have a convention in Crown Heights at the end of the week.

“We want to make sure that the community is safe, and that’s what the police department is doing right now,” he said.

Source material can be found at this site.

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