Faith, Decency, & Service to Others: Can Ben Carson Overcome These Obstacles?

By John W Lillpop

Dr. Ben Carson is a remarkable man of extraordinary intelligence besides being a kind and gentle soul who has spent a lifetime in professional service to his fellow humans.

He is an avowed Christian who holds deep religious convictions. He is also a conservative thinker who understands that liberal policies are purposefully designed to enslave through dependency, rather than empower and liberate.

Dr. Carson is running for the presidency of the United States in a bid to become only the second person of color to occupy the White House. His speech and mannerisms do not portend a bitter, deep-seeded hatred of American culture and history based on a dubious view that he and his people have suffered, and continue to suffer, a “legacy of discrimination.”

He is a man of faith, active and proud of his religious affiliation with the Seventh Day Adventists, a Christian denomination not known for ramming jet planes into New York and Pentagon buildings to murder American “infidels” for not adhering to his religious theology. He is a loyal, patriotic American who is unencumbered by conflicting loyalties to foreign entities that may be arch enemies of American interests.

Ben Carson is an honorable and grateful American who is not so arrogant and afflicted with delusions of grandeur that he believes himself qualified by reason of wisdom, intelligence, or moral judgement to “Fundamentally transform America.”

Ben Carson has not been implicated in the cover-up of a terrorist attack at a foreign embassy which cost four American diplomates their lives, and which helped re-elect a flawed president who campaigned on blatant lies.

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Ben Carson is not known by foes and friends alike as a congenital liar and ruthless poly- slug who will say and do anything to acquire and retain power and riches.

Ben Carson has devoted his life to enhancing human lives rather than practicing murder and mayhem disguised as advancing the “reproductive freedom of women.”

In sum, Dr. Carson is a man of Faith, Decency, & Service to Others.
The big question as we approach the 2016 election: Can Dr. Carson Overcome These Obstacles?

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