EU insanity: African countries refuse to take back Europe’s failed asylum seekers

The European Union for now has to think of another  to deport failed asylum seekers who do not have passports after African countries blocked the move and don’t want them back.

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European leaders offered more than £1billion aid in a bid to persuade their African counterparts to take back tens of thousands of illegal migrants, Africa does not want them back even for over 1 billion pounds.

The migration summit in Valletta, Malta, descended into farce after the Africans rejected the EU plan to expel those who do not qualify for asylum using special papers.

First, you stop all visas, including diplomatic visas to Africans. Second, all those African students at European universities, cancel their visas, send them back. Third, you cut off all aid money. All of it. Sure they will be screaming, who cares. You got their attention!

Other solutions to these problems and the fact that once you send ships to pick up Muslims from Libya and wherever, of course you will have problems sending them back. Libya is lawless and does not have a government, they can be dropped there.

You also got to heavily penalize these countries for allowing citizens to leave in the first place and illegally try to enter another country. And when they refuse to bring their own back, you ban all trade with them and simply ship their scum back anyways and just offload them and leave them there for the local government to handle.

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The Eurocrats did it the opposite way and sent the military to pick up this terror trash and legalized illegal infiltration. Then they offered to PAY these corrupt countries, where the governments run this entire operation, to stop Muslims from trying to leave for Europe. Of course they are thrilled at these monetary offers. They get money infiltrating Muslims and they get money from the kafirs. It’s such a stupid and backward strategy no wonder it fails. The message the Eurocrats are basically sending out is that they have no control of their own borders and security, and they are incapable of managing Islamist infiltration. That is as bad as it can be. This is now fueling Muslims to step it up one notch. Unless they

start shooting at these intruders at border crossings, they won’t stop.

Also get EU Euro Navy’s out here and start sinking these ships or prepare to be over run by ignorant, violent, crime prone people and radical Islamists who have no intention of honest work or civilized behavior. Good Luck, at least in America we have guns to defend ourselves against these barbaric animals.

They are third world people, barely out of the stone age, bringing their animalistic rites and rituals here; and expecting to be able to get away with living here but carrying on their unacceptable tribal Africana way of life.

It is the same with the middle east barbarians too; they expect to treat women and children in the same way that they treat them in their own countries, as second class citizens with no rights. These Barbarians have no respect for other culture and have no right to live in a civilized world.
Just look at ISIS and the Muslim culture in general, its barbaric.

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First is to take away their aid, stop all trade with them and expel their diplomats, then we’ll see how long they last.

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