5 dead as French high-speed train derails & catches fire near Strasbourg

Five people have been killed as a train derailed and caught fire in Eckwersheim near Strasbourg in France. Rescue teams are working at the site.
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A high-speed TGV train derailed in Eckwersheim in the Bas-Rhin department of Alsace in northeastern France mid-afternoon on Saturday.

Local officials told AFP that five people died in the accident, which was apparently caused by “excessive speed.”

Local media reports there are injured, but the numbers aren’t clear yet. Several people have been airlifted from the scene on a helicopter, RTL reports.

There has been no official confirmation on the casualties and is unknown if the derailment is linked to last nights attacks on Paris, investigations as to the cause are being investigated. So far they say it was the high speed that was the cause.


The accident happened on a new high-speed line between Paris and Strasbourg, which hadn’t been used before.

The train derailed while on a bridge and the cars fell into the Marne-Rhine canal, according to witness reports. Photos from the scene show smoke coming from the carriages.


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