What does the attack mean for the future of Europe?

The Paris terrorism shows that leftist liberal leaders are playing with the lives of their own people. Extremist Terrorist have infiltrated in guise of Refugees and are planning attacks throughout Europe, Arrest are being made throughout Europe right now finding Muslims planning massive terrorist operations in multiple countries.


Italian police arrested a Muslim terrorist who got into Italy through the Islamic migration flood. They found on his person explosives, deadly poisons and manuals on how to conduct guerrilla warfare. Here is one European report.


Gatwick North Terminal has been evacuated after a terror scare involving a ‘suspicious article’, with bomb disposal experts called to the scene and one eyewitness reporting that there will be a ‘controlled explosion’.

Witnesses said that armed police arrested a man with a ‘grenade in a bag’ and screamed ‘get down, get down’ before they restrained him.

Police said they were called at around 9.30am on Saturday morning following ‘suspicious actions by a man who discarded an item at the airport’.


A  Muslim man was arrested with firearms in his car by German police is being linked to the Paris terrorist attacks.

The arrest of a 51-year-old man in Bavaria last week could be connected to the explosions and shootings in the French capital.

Public broadcaster Bayrischer Rundfunk said German authorities informed French officials about the arrest of the man near the German-Austrian border on November 5. It did not provide a source for its information.

Bavarian state police spokesman Ludwig Waldinger confirmed that firearms, explosives and hand grenades were found.

Does the Paris attacks last night depicts the new European reality, and Europe’s future?

The political classes cannot keep saying – as Merkel is saying – that ‘there is nothing to see here’, that the problem is not related to Islam, when everyone can perfectly well see that it is. – Davis Lewin, the deputy director of the Henry Jackson Society





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