Anti-Migrant Protests break out across France as tensions reach boiling point

Crowds of French protesters are demanding a stop in immigration as news broke that at least one of the terrorists responsible for the slaughters in Paris was a Syrian refugee.

The protest came as Front National leader Marine Le Pen declared French people “are no longer safe” and called for France to take back control of its borders.

France must “annihilate” Islamist radicals and regain control of its borders, the National Front party leader Marine Le Pen said on Saturday after deadly attacks in the French capital.

“Urgent action is needed,” Le Pen told reporters the day after 127 people were killed in assaults on cafes, a concert hall and a soccer stadium.

“Islamist fundamentalism must be annihilated, France must ban Islamist organizations, close radical mosques and expel foreigners who preach hatred in our country as well as illegal migrants who have nothing to do here,” she said.

My dear compatriots, we’re living a nightmare, we’re living a national tragedy.” Le Pen continued, , “France has to determine who her allies and enemies are. Her enemies are those countries who maintain good relationships with radical Islamism.

Many people have taken to the streets across France today to show their solidarity with Paris despite the French government banning demonstrations from taking place for security reasons.

The protesters, armed with flares and with banners reading: “Throw out Islamists” made their way through the crowd and started chanting “Out the Muslims”.

France has struggled to combat a wave of young, disaffected Muslim citizens leaving to fight with ISIS or Al Qaeda in Syria and then returning home. Speaking to this, Le Pen argued that such citizens “have to be deprived of their French nationality and forbidden to enter the territory.”

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Protesters hurled anti-Islamic chants as police surrounded the tense scenes.

Banners of protesters read: “We are not afraid”, “Pray for Paris” and “Je suis Paris” in homage to the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January.

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Mourning Parisians have laid flowers and candles at the six locations where the gruesome attacks took place.

Londoners also gathered in Trafalgar Square today in solidarity with the French capital.

Iconic landmarks across the world have lit up in the colours of the French flag as France comes to terms with the country’s worst ever terrorist attack.

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