Democrats: Before we accept 185,000 Muslim refugees, please answer the following:

Democrats: Before we accept 185,000 Muslim refugees, please answer the following:

* Now that we see a Muslim woman blew herself up this morning in Paris, and most likely a member of the Paris attack cell, can we admit that Muslim women can be a threat, too, despite Obama’s claims? Can we admit that this will be a long term battle with jihadist terrorism and innocent children grow up to be teens and 20somethings who are the likely candidates for radicalization as we saw with the Boston Bombers who grew up to blow up 4 Americans and blow the limbs off of 19 Americans?

* now that Paris discovered a Syrian connection in planning with the suicide bombers, can we cancel the relocation of Syrian Muslims to the U.S.? Now that Turkey caught 8 ISIS members trying to sneak in with the refugees this morning with a map to Germany, can we admit that ISIS is infiltrating Syrian refugees as they boasted they are? The eight said they were tourists and had reservations at a hotel, but the hotel didn’t have their reservations.

Why can’t you help contribute to a tent city in a Muslim country, or create a safe haven, near their home country so when Assad is deposed and Isis defeated, they can return instead of moving to the U.S.?

* how are you going to detect if the refugees are peaceful Muslims or radical Muslims motivated to commit terrorism against the Western culture and country they hate? Will you use the same criteria you used with the Boston bombers in admitting them and their family? We saw how only a handful of Muslims could kill 3000+ Americans in a few hours on 9/11 and kill-maim 500+ innocents in Paris on 11/13.

* 25% of American Muslims said they would support violence in jihad or establishing Sharia Law in the U.S. and 1/3 of American Muslims said they would obey Sharia Law over our Constitution – how is it NOT dangerous for our national security, laws and Constitution for 30% of American Muslims to feel violence against Americans is good according to their religion?

* explain how it’s beneficial to the U.S.taxpayers to support these Muslim refugees when we are cutting benefits to our own American citizens, have one out of three Americans living in a household which gets welfare, have vets dying because they can’t get medical care, and provide welfare to 75% of immigrants with children who come here and add $1 trillion in debt each year

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* do you think the Millennials are going to be ticked when they find out that 1/2 of their taxes are going to be needed just to pay the INTEREST on the debt you and you Congressional colleagues racked up over the past 20 years – $19 trillion worth, $10 trillion under the Obama administration and you want to go in debt more to support these refugees?

* what jobs do you have for 185,000 non-English speaking Muslim refugees without college degrees when our inner-cities have up to 50% unemployment?

* why are you going to borrow money to support these refugees when we have $127 trillion in unfunded liabilities says FORBES magazine which they predict will have a “catastrophic” effect on our economic growth: “The federal unfunded liabilities are catastrophic for future taxpayers and economic growth. At, federal unfunded liabilities are estimated at near $127 trillion, which is roughly $1.1 million per taxpayer and nearly double 2012’s total world output. To understand the magnitude of this problem, the authors note one solution that includes all the following: “raise income taxes by 17 percent, raise payroll taxes by 24 percent, cut federal purchases by 26 percent, and cut Social Security and Medicare benefits by 11 percent.” FORBES

* Please outline how you are going to pay the $127 trillion unfunded liabilities when the U.S. GDP is $18 trillion a year and you only collect $6 trillion in taxes a year and have to borrow a trillion each year? If we threw ALL of our taxes at the unfunded liabilities it would take 21 years to pay them? So, why are we adding 185,000 refugees who will need support when we are broke?

* Did you read in June, 2015, your non-partisan CBO says the U.S. is heading rapidly towards a “fiscal crisis” and your spending is “unsustainable”? So, what are you doing to fend off the impending “fiscal crisis” and how will accepting 185,000 refugees help that?

* If your CBO says your spending is “unsustainable”, what are you going to cut? Please itemize the amount and where it’s coming from. We know you, the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi are multi-millionaires and when our economy is ruined, you have options to travel and live elsewhere, but what do you recommend the average American do in your ruined American economy?

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* Why do you allow 365,000 pregnant Mexican women to cross our border each year to give birth in an American hospital and force the American taxpayers to pay her birth costs through Medicaid? Can Americans go to Mexico and force the Mexican government to pay for their births? And once the Mexican woman has a baby in America, which we’ve paid their birth expenses, why can the Mexican woman stay forever with her family and go on welfare which about 80% or more with children born here do? How does open borders and Americans paying birthing and welfare expenses for illegal immigrants help reduce our deficit and debt?

* 1/3 of Mexicans – about 40 million – says Gallup polling would like to move to the U.S. Do you think we can support 30-40 million Mexicans on welfare? 100 million around the world told Gallup they would like to come to the U.S. – is this okay with you to have 140 million immigrants coming to our country, 75% who need welfare? If not, why haven’t you insisted the border be secure?

* Why are you and Congresswoman Pelosi going to get about $150,000 to $225,000 yearly retirement pay from the American taxpayers when you have run up in debt the $127 trillion unfunded liabilities and almost $20 trillion in debt leading us to catastrophic conditions and a “fiscal crisis”? Pelosi’s pension will be $177,000 PLUS Social Security plus subsidized health care and the average American gets $19,000 a year in retirement income and Social Security combined. Why are you and Pelosi and other long serving Senators getting 10 times what the average American gets and you are “civil servants”? Are you 10 times more valuable than us and don’t you think these lavish pensions are indefensible considering your incompetence which created our horrendous debt? And you want to increase our debt to pay for these refugees? Please explain to American taxpayers why this is a good idea.

* Do you think the Millennials will be ticked with you when they find out you pre-spent their Parents’ Social Security and ALL of their taxes will be needed just to pay for their folks’ Social Security? And will they want their elderly parents to move in with them when their Social Security is cut?

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* Bloomberg did a survey last week of economists who predict the next recession will hit in two years – what are you doing to stave off the recession? Since Obama added about $8 trillion in debt in the past 10 years during the “recovery”, how are we going to get through the next recession and why are we admitting 185,000 refugees with an impending recession?

* Why should we admit these refugees when we have 46 million on food stamps, many who need jobs? What is the Obama’s administration’s plan to get 46 million off of food stamps and provide jobs for these folks when fewer people are working today in the U.S. than anytime since the 1970’s?

* With the trials of Somali Muslim refugees in Minneapolis this month for the Somalians who tried to join ISIS, what are you going to do to ensure these 185,000 Muslims don’t self-radicalize or join ISIS? And what about the baggage handler at DELTA at the Minneapolis Airport who left to join ISIS – how are you going to prevent these Muslims from not getting jobs handling baggage at U.S. airports in case they become Islamic jihadist sympathizers?

These Muslims are a triple threat: they need financial support and our country is perilously in debt so it could affect our national security and ability to fund our military says the CBO; they may be jihadist terrorists or self-radicalize when they get here and can’t get a good job and hate the West; and Muslims around the world are trying to establish a Caliphate in Britain, Europe and the U.S. Muslims have about 5 children to every Westerner. Britain will be predominantly Muslim shortly – the #1 boys’ baby name in Britain in 2014 was Mohammed. Only 5% population of Muslims in Britain can affect 25% of the outcome of elections in Britain.

* Please explain why these Muslims want and have to come to the West and you can’t send them to wealthy Muslim countries where they will assimilate. If the wealthy Muslim countries are saying they don’t want them for fears of terrorism, why should we and other Western nations?

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