C-SPAN Wonders if Barack Obama just Admitted that he was Muslim AGAIN

Ever since he became a formidable candidate for president back in 2007, people have wondered whether or not Barack Obama was Muslim.

This wasn’t the work of crazed fanatics who wanted to do whatever they could to keep a black man from winning, because their was legitimate evidence that 44 could’ve been Muslim. (Actually, didn’t Hillary Clinton start the whole thing?)

For example, we’ve all seen that picture of Obama wearing a head scarf as a young man, and he spent a few of his impressionable years in the Muslim-heavy country of Indonesia. Not to mention that he sticks up for Islam whenever possible, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright said he “made it comfortable” for 44 to accept Christianity without having to renounce Islam at the anti-American church he attend for nearly two decades.

Now, C-Span is asking the question that many are afraid to keep bringing up…

From Gateway Pundit:

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Listen carefully to Obama’s words…

How “we?”


Is that lone word being taken out of context, or subconsciously did the man who has denied being Muslim for years just admit something to the world?

I have a feeling that one day down the line we’re going to learn something devastating about the 44th President of the United States; something so crazy that will make even the liberals who voted for him shake their heads in disbelief.



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