Things in Turkey and Syria Continue to Escalate as U.S. Backed Rebels Shot Down Russian Rescue Helicopter

It looks like tensions are going to continue rising in the Middle East as U.S. backed “moderate” terrorist claimed to have shot down a Russian rescue helicopter that was searching for pilots who were also shot down this morning.

Guys, this is about to get real crazy.

From TheBlaze:

U.S.-backed Syrian rebels, the Free Syrian Army, are claiming to have taken down a Russian rescue helicopter with a TOW anti-tank missile, according to several reports. The aircraft was said to be searching for the crash site of the Russian fighter jet shot down by Turkey.

The helicopter was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing in Lataki, Syria, a city controlled by government forces. Video footage purporting to show the alleged helicopter crash surfaced online:

As The Telegraph points out, the strike would have serious implications for the U.S. government if confirmed:

If the strike is confirmed, the TOW missile was most likely supplied through the same US and Turkey-backed logistics programme that has reportedly been supplying Alwiya al-Ashar.

The rebels’ usage of these American-made TOW missiles has increased over 800 per cent since Russia began air strikes against them at the end of September, slowing regime offensives across the country by destroying dozens of tanks and other armoured vehicles.

This is some serious crap, folks.

ISIS’ plan has always been to launch World War III, as they believe Allah has chosen them to bring about the ends times, which according to the terror group, is a final showdown between Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

If they are allowed to continue stirring the pot and gaining power and influence, they might just get their wish.

Yet again the president’s awful foreign policy — and constant pandering to Islam — has placed our nation in great danger.

As if our relationship with Russia wasn’t already strained enough, if it turns out we armed the very people who are attacking Putin and his military, things will go from bad to worse on the geopolitical stage.

This is just getting warmed up.

What raises the stakes on the downing of the Russian jet by Turkey is that a group of Turkmen rebels in northern Syria, who have recently been supported by Turkish airpower, claim to have killed the two Russian pilots and the raw footage now just have emerged from ISIS showing Turkmen Jihadis taking the credit:


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