Impeach and convict now — before it’s too late!

By Larry Klayman

One does not need to be a rocket scientist or even a brain surgeon to realize that the national security of the United States has been severely if not terminally damaged over the last six and one half years.

The Muslim in the White House is unapologetic for allowing Islamic terrorists and the terrorist state of the Islamic Republic of Iran to gain enormous strength. The former, having just viciously attacked Paris and turned it from the “City of Light” to the “City of Darkness” are on the verge of even acquiring chemical and biological weapons to use not just against the French republic, but our own. And, Iran, if it does not already have the atomic bomb, is just inches away from acquiring one. The mullahs already have the intercontinental missiles to deliver these weapons of mass destruction to American shores. Our closest ally, at least until Obama was elected president, Israel, is on its knees and surrounded both internally and externally with Islamic fanatics who want to kill both Jews and Christians. Seeing the weakness and pro-Muslim mindset of the American president, the Palestinians are in the throws of a Third Intifada and engaged in stabbing and killing Jews daily in the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities in the Holy Land. In short, the world is is not just coming unglued, it is unglued!

In the face of this downward spiral, Republicans on Capitol Hill in particular, wage mild protests. Rather than even figuratively getting on top of the highest building and screaming at the top of their lungs, they resort to Fox News to weakly make their case that the commander in chief is naïve and impotent to act forcefully. The simple, incontrovertible reason for this – much like occurred during the 1990s in the years leading up to the presidential elections in 2000 – is that Republicans simply want to position themselves politically to win the White House in 2016. That is why they halfheartedly impeached but refused to convict President Bill Clinton merely over the Monica Lewinsky scandal and backed off the the Chinagate scandal, where the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics had taken bribes from the Communist Chinese in exchange for favors that compromised our national security. The Republican Congress then, as is true now, simply talked a good game for its own political ends. They knew then that their show in impeaching Bill Clinton over only having sexual relations with Monica, rather than compromising national security, was not going to result in the conviction of a president in a trial before the Senate.

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All the damage the Clintons did to national security in the ’90s by getting in bed with the Communist Chinese pales in comparison with the damage the “Mullah in Chief” has done and continues to do. The enemy to racist Obama is not the Islamic terrorists, but local and state police forces that attempt to protect our citizenry from wholesale street violence. The likes of Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and other fellow blacks are allies, and those who use the term “radical Islamic terrorists” are “enemies of the state.” It does not matter that the extent of Republican opposition to Obama and his minions at the Defense and State Departments is over simple phraseology – particularly since the enemy is not just radical Islam but Islam in general (as this disgrace of a false religion teaches its followers to annihilate all non-Muslims under the will of their sham god, allah). Republicans would rather play word games than do anything meaningful! Their attitude and conduct reminds me of comedian Woody Allen’s first hit movie, “Take the Money and Run,” when the character he plays, Fielding Mellish, goes into a bank to rob it and hands the teller a hard-to-read handwritten note threatening, “This is stick up, I have a gun.” The teller, unable to read the note, tells Mellish that she can’t figure out what he wrote since the word “gun” looks like “gub.” By the time that Mellish explains that he really wrote “gun,” the police come and arrest him for attempted bank robbery. He is then convicted and imprisoned with an insurance salesman, the punishment of all punishments!

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Tragically, “Take the Money and Run” accurately depicts Republican congressional and Senate leadership in today’s dangerous world. Rather than doing their job to protect the American people and stand up to a traitorous president, they spend their time “taking the money and running” from hard actions. The Democrats and Republicans – the American and National League of corruption in our nation’s capital – have one thing in common other than their own deceit and incompetence: they work together to line their own pockets with campaign cash, favors and sometimes outright bribes, leaving the crumbs for an American people destined for destruction over their actions and non-actions.

This week, after we at Freedom Watch obtained on Nov. 9 another historic victory over Obama’s National Security Agency, by having a federal court judge issue a preliminary injunction to bar widespread Orwellian and coercive mass surveillance over all of our telephone communications, both Democrats and Republicans sought to deflect blame for the massive terrorist attacks in Europe that will soon come to our shores, by claiming that the attacks likely happened because the laws allowing the intelligence agencies to spy on all of us have been weakened. Notable among the slick and dishonest hypocrites was not just CIA Director John Brennan, an Obama hack, but none other than Republican senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who, to look tough and win votes in his quest to claim the White House, called for the NSA to have even more unconstitutional powers to spy on the citizenry. Rubio is the poster boy for the worst in the Republican Party when it comes to politically expedient and phony arguments.

In Case You Missed It:  Breaking: Biden's FBI authorized to murder and kill members of Trump family to retrieve classified documents.

The bottom line, dear and fellow patriots: If the Republicans do not act and fail to institute meaningful impeachment and conviction proceedings to legally remove the Muslim sympathizer in the White House before it is too late, then We the People should demand that those responsible, Republican House and Senate leaders themselves be impeached and convicted.

The nation simply cannot afford another year and a half of Obama and the Muslim terrorists he allows to run loose worldwide. If this state of affairs continues, September 11 will look in retrospect like a warm-up act, and by the time of the 2016 presidential elections next November, there may be little left of our beloved nation when it comes to our national security!

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