Obama Just Arranged the RELEASE of a Terrorist Who Murdered a U.S. Delta Force Soldier

Outrageous “deal” scratches a 40-year sentence down to immediate release

by Brian Hayes

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This is beyond belief.

Sgt. 1st class Christopher Speer was killed by a grenade tossed by 15-year-old Omar Khadr in 2002.

Khadr was sentenced to 40 years, but because we have a traitorous administration running the country, the radical jihadist was released after only serving eight.

Omar Khadr is now free.

From John S. Roberts at Young Cons:

A terrorist is now free after serving only eight years of a 40-year sentence for killing a U.S. Delta Force medic in Afghanistan in 2002, thanks to a deal the Obama administration made with Canadian authorities.

Sgt. Lane Morris, who served alongside Speer and who lost an eye in the attack, told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren that the terrorist’s release “all started with the Obama administration” in a deal made “behind the prosecutor’s back.”

Khadr served “one [year] in Guantanamo, and one in Canada,” he added.

Khadr and six of his companions “wanted to go out in a blaze of glory,” Morris said, and started lobbing grenades at the Americans. In addition to Speer, the terrorists also killed two Afghan interpreters.

The Times reported:

The Canadian government asserted that the terms of Khadr’s release from Guantanamo Bay detention facility barred the court from granting him bail, that he is a risk to the public and that doing so could be diplomatically damaging, NPR reported.

Terrorism expert Max Abrahms of Northeastern University told Fox that officials should not be surprised if Khadr ultimately turns towards terrorism again.

Eight years for killing a Delta Force medic!

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His fellow platoon-mate reacted on Greta:

The way the Obama White House treats our military men and women is beyond reprehensible.

Khadr deserves to serve life, and whoever sentenced him to 40 years in the first place was out of their mind.

What do they think Khadr will become now that he’s a free man? Will he join back up with his radical buddies, or will he transform into a stay at home father who shuttles his kid to soccer practice?

This is wrong, and the GOP candidate who wins in 2016 needs to make sure our service members are treated with the utmost respect.

What this says to the world – more importantly, to Americans – is that sensitivity towards Islam is valued above the lives of those who serve our country.

Again, Obama makes us look weak to our enemies.

[h/t: Washington Times]

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