GREAT VIDEO: Young Woman Whups Muslim ‘Refugee’ ASS When They Try To Rob Her

This woman wasn’t going to let these Muslim ‘refugees’ have their way when they tried to steal from her store.finnish girl fights muslims

Respekt – wehrt euch ! In Deutschland sollen Gemeinden die Supermärkte angewiesen haben, bei Diebstählen von Flüchtlingen keine Anzeigen zu erstatten, unglaublich die Verantwortlichen in Deutschland, Treten ihren Bürgern die für alles arbeiten gehen dürfen nur so ins Gesicht. Busse und Bahnen führen sogar Gratistarife für Refugees ein.

(Respect-arm yourselves! In Germany the neighborhoods have advised the supermarkets not to report refugees who steal, unbelievable the answerable ones in Germany, they stomp on their citizens who work hard for everything…in their faces! Buses and trains have begun to offer free refugee tickets.)

This young woman from Finland fights hard against the shoplifting mentality of some of the barbaric migrants and refugees…) Thieves.

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  1. Finns are tough people with a keen sense of “Right from Wrong.” The subject Africans would have been clobbered had there been a Finn male on premises. The young lady was quite plucky.
    The Finns took on the Soviet Union in a winter war in the late 1930’s, the Soviets decided the USSR needed mineral-rich land NE of St. Petersburg and sent their “crack ski-troop” divisions into Finland to take the land.
    The Soviets took a route through an expansive evergreen tree forest which obviously the Finns knew lots more about than the Soviets.
    Bottom line: Two USSR ski troop divisions were obliterated, all equipment lost.
    Moscow then realized that Finland would defend strongly, USSR returned months later with the entire might of the Soviet Army and air force. But, it wasn’t too long before the parties went to a “peace table” where terms were agreed upon. Finland then ceded some area in question to USSR way at the NE tip of Russia above St.Petersburg.
    Finland did allow German troops to attack USSR in the ’40’s from Finnish bases during WW2, and did participate against USSR again.

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