Ignored Carnage in Louisiana Proves Inequality of Mass Shootings!

By John W Lillpop

While the mainstream media inundates the American public with seemingly endless coverage of certain “Narrative compliant” tragedies, it is perfectly clear that not all mass shootings are equal in the hearts and minds of left-leaning media moguls, specifically those demons affiliated with, and carrying water for, the Democrat Party.

Case in point: While tragic slaughters in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino received extensive news coverage and commentary, including the all too predictable demands for tougher gun control laws issued by Barack Obama, a massive gun shooting in Louisiana took place without so much as a whimper from the media or its grand wizard, Barack Obama.

As reported at the reference:

Some may have heard about the shooting that occurred in Louisiana last week, when gunmen opened fire at a park with some 300 people in it and injured 17 people, but for the most part, there’s been silence from the media about it. According to the New Orleans Advocate, the Bunny Park shooting was an act of “domestic terrorism,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said, and it was committed in cold-blood by several gunmen, one of which has been apprehended, but there’s several reasons the media may be ignoring it.

The Times-Picayune reports that 32-year-old Joseph “Moe” Allen was arrested on Sunday in relation to the incident, and he’s been charged with 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder. You would think that with the number of victims, the youngest being 10, and the majority of whom were under 21, and the heartless nature of the incident, the media would be all over it, but you would think wrong.

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You see, Allen is a black thug with a criminal record a mile long, so his violent acts don’t fit into the current narrative that white conservative Christians are the largest threat to our nation. Plus, being a convicted felon, he shouldn’t have even had a gun to begin with. The law forbidding him from owning one didn’t work, and he was also a part of the catch and release program for violent thugs.

Allen, according to Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office records, is a convicted felon and has been charged with home invasion, carjacking, illegal carrying of weapon and possession of cocaine and heroin. In 2002, he was arrested with Travis Scott, who recently pleaded guilty to a federal racketeering charge. Scott’s younger brothers, Akein “Keemy” Scott and Shawn “Shizzle” Scott, have pleaded guilty to numerous charges related to the 2013 Mother’s Day shooting in which they opened fire into a second line crowd, leaving 20 people injured.

Heavily reporting this story would mean having to admit that more gun control wouldn’t be effective, and it would also mean having to bring attention to the problem with systemic violence in the black community. Plus, reporting it would highlight the dangers of letting violent criminals back on the streets after shortening their prison terms, none of which the liberal media would willingly do, especially when there’s a juicy story about a white man a couple of states over.

At the heart of the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting is a crazed white male, and every effort has been made by the media to convince people he’s a Christian conservative. They’re even going as far as to report hearsay from anonymous sources as fact and completely glossing over the fact that police have refused to release the shooter’s motives and the weapon he was using, which means anything reported thus far is purely speculation. However, that speculation is being fueled by the left-wing media machine to push for more gun control and paint the Christian right in a bad light, even though none of us would ever condone violence to make a point.

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Here, we have two stories portraying two different narratives, but one is based on fact rather than speculation. It’s really no surprise which one the media chose, but it does show how irresponsible their reporting has become, and it demonstrates how eager they are to jump on the anti-Christian, anti-white, and anti-conservative bandwagon to do everything they can to make us look bad.”

So the next time Barack Obama mounts his “Bloody Pulpit” to spew self-righteous hatred against the 2nd Amendment and tens of millions of law-abiding Americans who own and use guns in complete compliance with the Constitution and the law, remember that Obama willfully uses that pulpit as a political staging tool to advance his Marxist promise to fundamentally transform America, which, until his fraudulent election(s), was recognized as the greatest success story in human history, in need of no transformation whatsoever!

Reference http://madworldnews.com/giant-mass-shooting-talking/

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