Putin: ‘Allah took their sanity’: accuses Turkish leadership of ‘aiding terror’

Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out at Turkey during his annual address to the Federal Assembly on Thursday, accusing Ankara of aiding terrorists and said that the Turkish rulers had ‘lost their sanity’. 

He also threatened Turkey with increased burden of sanctions in coming days.

Putin’s diatribe comes weeks after tensions between Russia and the NATO ally escalated after Turkish jets shot down a Russian fighter jet claiming that it had violated Turkey’s airspace.

Moscow accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of intentionally downing the jet claiming that his family was involved in oil trade with the Islamic State

Putin’s unbridled anger at Turkey was evident in his speech on Thursday, as he gave open warnings that Russia will take action and that Ankara will ‘more than once feel regret’.

Here are ten quotes from Putin’s speech, sourced from Russian media:

We will not forget this complicity with terrorists. We have always considered treachery to be the worst and the most shameful thing. Let those in Turkey who shot our pilots in the back, who are hypocritically trying to justify themselves, their actions and cover up the crimes of terrorists know this.

If somebody may have thought that after committing a treacherous war crime – the killing of our people – it will be possible to get away with restrictions on tomato trade or some other restrictions in the building and other industries, they are grossly mistaken.

We shall remind them many a time what they have done and they will more than once feel regret for what they have done. We are perfectly aware of what action is to be taken.

Only Allah knows why they did this. And evidently Allah decided to punish the ruling clique in Turkey by depriving them of their intelligence and reason.

We know for example who in Turkey fills their pockets and allows terrorists to make money from the stolen oil in Syria. It is precisely with this money that the bandits recruit mercenaries, buy arms and organise inhuman terrorist acts aimed against our citizens, the citizens of France, Lebanon, Mali and other countries.

The Turkish people are good, hard-working and gifted. We have a lot of old and reliable friends in Turkey. I will emphasize that we do not equate them and the part of the current ruling elite, which bears direct responsibility for the deaths of our service members in Syria.

We were ready to cooperate with Turkey on the most sensitive for it issues and were ready to go as far as its allies were unwilling to go. Maybe, only Allah knows why they did that.

They won’t see a nervous, hysterical reaction which is dangerous to ourselves and the entire world… There will be no such thing. The basis of our actions is, first of all, responsibility before our country and our people.

We are facing a destructive barbaric ideology again and we have no right to allow those new obscurants to achieve their goals. We have to abandon all differences, create a single fist, a single anti-terrorist front, which would act in accordance with the international law and under the aegis of the United Nations.

“Some countries in the Middle East and North Africa, which used to be stable and relatively prosperous – Iraq, Libya, Syria – have turned into zones of chaos and anarchy that pose a threat to entire world. We know why it happened. We know who wanted to oust unwanted regimes, and rudely impose their own rules. They triggered hostilities, destroyed statehoods, set people against each other and simply washed their hands – giving way to radicals, extremists and terrorists.”

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