Trump Is Dangerous For Israel

Trump’s Plan for Israeli Peace Talks

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed in an interview Thursday that forcing peace talks on Israel will head his priorities if elected – and that the responsibility for the lack of peace lies on the Jewish state, not the Palestinian Authority.

Donald TrumpAhead of his trip to Israel this month, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed in an interview Thursday that forcing peace talks on Israel will head his priorities if elected – and that the onus for the lack of peace lies on the Jewish state, not the Palestinian Authority (PA).

“I have a real question as to whether or not both sides want to make it,” Trump told The Associated Press, clarifying that he has more concerns regarding “one side in particular.”

“A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal – whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things,” Trump said. “They may not be, and I understand that, and I’m OK with that. But then you’re just not going to have a deal.”

Trump’s focus on Israel may strike some as ironic, given that the state is currently embroiled in an Arab terror wave that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has actively encouraged, recently calling the murder of Jews “peaceful.”

The real estate guru promised: “if I win, I’ll let you know six months from the time I take office” whether or not a peace deal is possible.

“I think if I get elected, that would be something I’d really like to do,” said Trump without specifying how he would achieve an elusive peace deal. “Because so much death, so much turmoil, so much hatred – that would be to me a great achievement. As a single achievement, that would be a really great achievement.”

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Trump’s gung ho approach to starting up peace talks may raise concerns, given how they echo US President Barack Obama’s insistence on addressing the issue. US Secretary of State John Kerry forced through nine-month-long talks starting in late 2013, that the PA torpedoed in April 2014 when it signed a unity deal with Hamas. The talks were accompanied by an upswing in terror attacks.

Judea-Samaria building a ‘huge sticking point’

Trump said he would meet early with top regional leaders, visiting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “sometime after Christmas, probably.”

“You know, I’m going to be probably going over there pretty soon and I want to see him, I want to see other people, I want to get some ideas on it,” said Trump, who claimed he was a “big, big fan” of Israel.

According to the businessman, the only way to solve the Israel-Palestinian issue is “if you had a real dealmaker, somebody that knew what he or she is doing. I’ll be able to tell in one sit-down meeting with the real leaders.”

While avoiding specifics about whether the PA’s demands are legitimate, Trump called Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria a “huge sticking point” in talks.

Asked if his goal is a two-state solution, by which Israel would be divided to create a “Palestine,” he said, “well, I’m not going to even say that.”

But he expressed his enthusiasm at the prospect of making a peace deal, saying, “if you can make that deal, you can make any deal. It’s probably the toughest deal to make.”

Regarding the prospect of peace, In late October PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said all of Israel is “the occupation,” showing his intentions to conquer the entire state, and last month he revealed for the first time that he rejected the offer of a Palestinian state back in 2008.

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Abbas, whose term in office officially ended in January 2009, gave credence in June to calls by Jewish nationalists arguing that a Palestinian state should be set up in Jordan, when he called Jordanian and Palestinian Arabs “one people living in two states.”

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  1. Trump said the exact opposite. He said that if Israel didn’t want to accept the Palestinian’s demands in a peace agreement, he can understand that, and he would not force Israel too.

    Whoever wrote this article is either illiterate or a liar.

    • By Trump making the statements he did, he is showing himself to be very naive and that he does not understand the gravity of the situation. How can he rightly want to stop Muslim Syrian refugees from entering the US, but not understand the dangers the Palestinians pose to Israel? Why is he not demanding that the Palestinians stop the violence and recognize Israel first? Even if Trump has good intentions, his misunderstanding of the situation there is dangerous for Israel.

      It figures he would say something like this given his statements that he would negotiate a better deal with Iran instead of just tearing up the deal. His approach is dangerous and wrong.

    • I for one think Trump is not really the man we love to think he is! He is, before anything else a businessman..What Trumps said goes either way, a bit of this a bit of that leaving all options open. What bothers me the most is that he will as presidents before force Israel into accepting devastating agreements. What would a “normal” businessman do..takes sides for the small Israel 7-8 million people and a few more millions of Zionist Jews around the world or prefere to compose with 1.6 billion Muslims and 260 million Arabs?

  2. What BS.

    Precisely how could Trump be any worse for Israel than the GOPe and Democrats have been for the last 7 years?

    See? That’s the problem. In order to play this game, the group to which you’re spewing has to be able to visualize how things could be worse.

    Obama stopped short of nuking Israel, but that’s about all.

    • You are right. Unfortunately, keeping with the status quo isn’t good enough anymore. We cannot keep electing people who will either keep things moving to the left or keep them as is. We have to have a return to conservative principles.

      Instead of picturing them worse, let’s picture them better. The candidate that supports Israel the most is Ted Cruz. We should all back him for President. We don’t have to settle for Trump.

  3. Donald Trump will be taking a trip to Israel shortly. There he will speak with Israeli leaders. We’ll see what his policy will be towards Israel upon his return, once he understands how often peace measures have been sabotaged by the various Arab groups (three) which cannot come together to even attempt a legitimate peace, because each of them do have one common cause among other self-serving issues based upon leadership. And, that cause is a “Palestina” from river to sea.
    As one can see, they (Arabs) are consistent, they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  4. Israel is an apartheid state .it treats people other than Jews as second class . . If Israel wanted peace it would not continue to grab land and kill

    • Your response reveals exactly what this article is discussing. Since Trump will not stand with Israel, anti-Semites have come out in support of Donald Trump. The KKK and David Duke have also done so and Trump has not been quick to denounce that as he should.

  5. Trump is in the midst of campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. He will do lots of talking, there will be no commitments, because he wants votes from anybody voting. The only single issue to which he’s expressed rejection is the un-vetted arrival of “Syrian” Muslims, many of which prove not to be Syrian. He stated he’s in favor of suspending such immgration until such time as a more complete policy is in place.

    Under Obama, there has been no system, only his intent to flood our country with undocumented Muslims, while Middle-East Christians are held here pending return by the Obama government to their homelands. A death sentence for the Christians!

    Therefore, TRump only projects language to placate the constituency.He will not commit to statements relevant to U.S. foreign policy. For another important reason, he cannot comment because I doubt that he sufficiently knows the issue of Israel and PA-Hamas, plus the Islamic powers that keep the Muslim side inflamed. Besides, these Muslim powers give “lip service” to peace, but peace to them is genocide to people Muslims don’t agree with. Islam is at perpetual war with non-Muslims.

    Trump’s entire effort to date has been to use innuendo and characterize his opponents as “liars,” “strictly politicians,” “light-weights,” and how successful and loved he is. I have never, in all of my years, seen/heard of a political campaign like this.
    But, there are many Americans who will vote, whose only experience with politics is what Obama has done in wasting away this nation. Other than that, they don’t remember a thing.
    Therefore, any candidate who campaigns can succeed if he “blows his own horn enough” and drops names of elitists. It’s a very shallow tactic, but befitting a shallow constituency.

    Trump speaks of planning to have only the best advisors in his cabinet if he wins,who are expertly conversant regarding foreign affairs. I’m sure there will be military leaders (retired) among them. Because his foreign affairs knowledge is so limited, worthy advisors are an excellent idea.

    There will be negative remarks here today about Israel. There are those who live to speak against Israel. Such people have little to no substance but the pathlogy of hate.
    That will not influence Trump if he wins the nomination.

    He has expressed himself against IS,Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic militant severe practices and disregard for life. Muslim attempts at migration to USA and other western democracies seem a “movement” encouraged by Islam. Most of such migrants totally disregard and disrespect Judeo-Christian culture which have been the key to these nations having developed economies.(unlike the Islamic middle-east)

    Lastly, and to repeat….Trump will not commit at this point in time, I think he has yet to consider to what he’ll commit. In addition, he will be influenced by the will of the American people, he is not like Obama as far as that is concerned.

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