WMD’s Smuggled Into Europe, ISIS to Wage Chemical War on West

A European Parliament report states that an army of ISIS chemical and computer scientists are poised to use WMDs that have already been smuggled into Europe in waging a chemical and biological war against the West.

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DAILYMAIL.co.uk reports that the shocking documents, which have been compiled following the deadly terrorist attacks recently in Paris, state that ISIS ‘may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks.’

The report further states that, despite the fact that western governments are already conducting terrorist attack drills, steps should be taken to ‘consider publicly addressing the possibility of terrorist attack using chemical, biological, radiological or even nuclear materials.’

A warning contained within the report states that, “At present, European citizens are not seriously contemplating the possibility that extremist groups might use chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) materials during attacks in Europe. Under these circumstances, the impact of such an attack, should it occur, would be even more destabilizing.”

In the mean time more and more high risk migrants are crossing into Europe from 3rd world war torn regions.

‘This represents the most serious terrorist threat faced in Europe since World War II.

Wolfgang Rudischhauser, Director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Non-Proliferation Centre at NATO said: ‘ISIS actually has already acquired the knowledge, and in some cases the human expertise, that would allow it to use CBRN materials as weapons of terror.’

A study claims that 150 cases of nuclear or radiological trafficking are reported annually.

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Worse still: ‘CBRN substances have been carried undetected into the European Union.

‘Interpol’s monthly CBRN intelligence reports show numerous examples of attempts to acquire, smuggle or use CBRN materials.’


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