Israeli Arabs should lose their citizenship for failing to condemn Abbas’ call to expel Jews

On December 2 David Keene wrote in the Washington Times that “…Israel’s 10 million inhabitants include something like 1.8 million Muslims, most but not all of whom are Israeli citizens…in most ways they know they are better off in Israel than if they were under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

This is particularly true in terms of their standard of living. Family income in Israel averages around $35,000 a year for both Jewish and non-Jewish residents, while Muslims in Ramallah earn about $13,000 a year and those in Gaza subsist on something like $3,000 a year. Many Muslims in Israel own their own businesses and live in neighborhoods or villages virtually indistinguishable from those housing their Jewish countrymen except for the many mosques one sees as one drives by Muslim areas.

…The Israeli-Muslim village of Umm al-Fahm backs up on the Palestinian Authority’s lands and was the scene of demonstrations a year and a half ago as protesters attacked Israel and declared they would rather live under Palestinian-Muslim rule. Israel’s foreign minister, perhaps in frustration, announced that they could have their wish and proposed that the boundary around the town be redrawn to take it out of Israel and cede it to the Palestinians.

That proposal didn’t go down well with the town’s Muslim residents, who filed petitions within hours challenging the very idea that they be turned over to the Palestinian Authority. As Israeli citizens, they said they could not simply be abandoned or have their citizenship canceled. They made it clear that regardless of what a few demonstrators might be demanding they had no desire to leave Israel and its benefits — both economic and in terms of the security they enjoyed…”

If Israeli Arabs can live anywhere in Israel why does Abbas want to expel all Jews from the West Bank? On November 2010 Khaled Abu Toameh reported in the Jerusalem Post that “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced on Saturday that when a Palestinian state is established, it will have no Israelis in it.

“We have frankly said, and always will say: If there is an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, we won’t agree to the presence of one Israeli in it,” Abbas told reporters in Ramallah.

On February 2011 Herbert London reported in Gatestone Institute that “In a recent discussion of the anticipated Palestinian state, Mahmoud Abbas, leader in the territory, said he “would not tolerate one single Jew in his new country, Palestine.” Speaking before journalists in Ramallah, he clearly noted, “We have already said, completely openly, and it will stay that way: ‘If there is a Palestinian country with Jerusalem as its capital, we will not accept that even one single Jew will live there.'”

Abbas rejected any suggestion that Jews in Judea and Samaria, who have lived in their homes for decades, could remain under Palestinian rule. Meanwhile, in all negotiations, the Palestinian position is that “Palestinian refugees” have the right of return to Israel. According to the Abbas proposition, therefore, Israel should open its borders for Arabs while Palestine closes its borders for Jews.

Here is the deal: Arabs, who now represent about 20% of the total population in Israel, can now live in Israel as full fledged citizens with all the rights that being a citizen confers. They can have their own political parties and settle in their own communities. But on the other side of this political ledger, not one Jew, including those who reside on the West Bank, can remain, once Palestine becomes an independent nation.

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What more does one have to know? Sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander. There is, and will remain, in the proposed new state, different standards for Arabs and Jews. Hence, what precisely is a two state solution? An Arab state that immediately becomes a threat to the very existence of Israel, as Jews are regarded as the enemy and, by virtue of law, must be ostracized — or worse…”

Arabs build 3 times more houses in Israel than Jews build in the West Bank. Why are Arabs allowed to live anywhere in Israel while Jews are murdered for living in the West Bank?

On July 2013 Jonathan Tobin reported in Commentary Magazine that “While in Cairo yesterday to meet with Egypt’s new leaders, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas let drop a few remarks about the peace negotiations with Israel that began in Washington last night. As the Times of Israel reports, Abbas left no doubt about what his vision of peace entails:

“In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli — civilian or soldier — on our lands,” Abbas said following a meeting with interim Egyptian President Adly Mansour in Cairo.

…The Abbas statement provides some important context for the key Israeli demand that the Palestinians refuse to accept: PA acknowledgement of the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state. If Palestinians think there is something racist about Israel being accepted as the sole Jewish state in the world, why is it OK for them to envision an independent state of their own where Jewish communities would have to be destroyed and their inhabitants be evicted?

…The Palestinian position remains that specific acceptance on their part of Israel as a Jewish state would undermine the rights of the Arab minority inside the pre-1967 lines and force them to make a judgment about the country’s internal arrangements. But the whole point of the conflict since its beginnings a century ago has always been the Arab rejection of the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland. If Palestinians are determined to create an independent state where there are no Jews, why then are they so afraid of agreeing that their neighbors will be a Jewish state?

The reason for this is no mystery.

More than any compromise on borders, accepting Israel as a Jewish state would be an open acknowledgement that the conflict is finished. It would mean the descendants of the Palestinian refugees of 1948 would have to be resettled elsewhere and all terrorism and efforts to erase Israel inside its contracted borders would cease.

The demand for recognition of a Jewish state is often represented as something new created by Prime Minister Netanyahu in order to make peace more difficult to achieve. But it should be remembered that the original United Nations partition resolution of 1947 spoke of the country being specifically divided between a Jewish state and an Arab one, not Israel and “Palestine.” The effort to deny the right of the Jewish people to a sovereign state in their own land is an act of prejudice since no other group in the world is treated in this manner.

…What Abbas is asking for is for Israel to be a bi-national state of Jews and Arabs while Palestine would be a solely Arab nation…”

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Abbas rejects the two state solution. Lt. Col. (ret) Jonathan Halevi explained in the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs that Abbas supports a phased plan for Israel’s destruction “…Beneath the moderate guise that Abbas tries to project is a Palestinian leader who unreservedly supports terror and demands to implement what the Palestinians call the “right of return.”

…What the Palestinians mean by “right of return” according to Resolution 194 and the Arab Peace Initiative is simple enough and was ratified as an official law by the Palestinian parliament with Abbas’s approval.

According to the 2008 Law of the Right of Return of the Palestinian Refugees:

“The right of return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes and property, while receiving compensation for their suffering, is an inalienable and enshrined right that cannot be compromised, replaced, reconsidered, interpreted otherwise, or subjected to a referendum.

The right of return is natural, personal, collective, civil, political, passed on from father to son; it is not nullified by the passage of time or by the signing of any agreement and it cannot be abolished or waived in any way.

The Palestinian refugees shall not be resettled or displaced as an alternative to the right of return.

Anyone who violates the provisions of this Act shall be guilty of the crime of treason and will be subject to all criminal and civil penalties prescribed for this crime.

Anything that contradicts this law is considered null and void, and any legislation or agreement that will derogate from the right of return or contradict the provisions of this Act shall be deemed null and void.”

In other words, even after an Israeli withdrawal to 1967 borders and the establishment of a fully sovereign Palestinian state, the conflict will remain unchanged and Palestine will demand the “return” to Israel of the millions of refugees and their descendants. The Palestinian demand for “return” entails the transfer of millions of Jews from their homes and the end of the state of Israel…”

Despite Abbas rejection of the two state solution and his commitment to the destruction of Israel, Obama blames Israel for the failure of negotiations and threatened to abandon Israel in the UNSC. On March 2015 Newsmax reported that “The White House on Wednesday suggested it could reverse its decades-old policy of using its veto in the United Nations Security Council to protect Israel. It could refuse to veto resolutions related to the Palestinians or introduce a measure of its own, The Wall Street Journal reported. The U.S. could also lend its support to a two-state solution based on Israel’s 1967 borders, a senior White House official told The New York Times.”

Obama is in a rush to pass a UNSC resolution imposing a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank before his time in office ends. He knows that the next administration will not be willing to concede this to the Palestinians without taking into consideration Israel’s security needs.

To justify the UNSC resolution, Obama needs to create a sense of urgency. Abbas is escalating the violence through stabbing attacks to create the sense of urgency that Obama needs. Abbas wants to provoke an Israeli reaction which Obama can use as an excuse to justify the anti-Israel UNSC resolution.

The Palestinian Media Watch translated an interview by one of Hamas founders Mahmoud al-Zahar to the Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam in which he said “transfer what it has [in Gaza] or just a small part of it to the West Bank, we would be able to settle the battle of the final promise [to destroy Israel] with a speed that no one can imagine…[Some] have said Hamas wants to create an Islamic emirate in Gaza. We won’t do that, but we will build an Islamic state in Palestine, all of Palestine…”

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Those who advocate for a solution in the UNSC cannot ignore that what happened in Gaza can also happen in the West Bank. After Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas took power and started missile attack against Israel.

If a Palestinian State is created in the West Bank Hamas will attack Israel with missiles from the West Bank as it does from Gaza. Imposing a solution in the UNSC will make the situation much worse, it will make life in Israel impossible and lead to war. Only those that do not care for the safety of Israel’s citizens would advocate for this.

Jews have been persecuted and expelled from most Middle East Countries and they managed to find refuge in Israel, a country smaller than New Jersey. reported that since 1948, 850,000 Jews have been expelled from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lybia, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia,Yemen and other Middle East Countries. Obama’s threat to impose a Palestinian State through the UNSC endangers the existence of Israel, the only safe heaven for Jewish refugees in the Middle-East.

The Knesset can prevent a unilateral Palestinian UNSC resolution which will endanger Israel’s security by declaring that, since Abbas wants to expel all Jews, if a Palestinian UNSC resolution is approved, the Israeli Arabs will be allowed to continue living in Israel but will become Palestinian Citizens.

Perhaps Abbas will give up on his attempt to force a solution through the UNSC if he realizes that there will be consequences , Israeli Arabs cannot continue to support Abbas’ plan to expel Jews and create a Palestinian State that will endanger Israel while  enjoying the benefits of Israeli  Citizenship.

“Arab MKs joined hundreds of Muslim worshipers rioting in the Old City of Jerusalem’s Lions’ Gate Wednesday after police banned men under the age of 50 from entering the Temple Mount due to fear of violence. Rioters threw rocks and firecrackers at the police and security forces, which used riot control equipment. Police then closed Temple Mount to all visitors at 10:15 due to “operative considerations.” Balad MKs Haneen Zoabi, Jamal Zahalke and Bassel Ghattas, as well as UAL-Ta’al’s Ibrahim Sarsour and Taleb Abu-Arrar and MK Muhammad Barakei (Hadash) all took part in the demonstration. “Jerusalem is part of the Palestinian state that the whole world is beginning to recognize,” Zoabi said. “There will be no end to the conflict, no solution without Palestinian sovereignty over Jerusalem.”

Most Israeli Arabs call themselves Palestinians. During the war against Hamas the blog posted a video showing Israeli Arabs in Yaffo (Tel Aviv) celebrating rocket fire from Gaza… “People always argue with me that Yaffo is a place where Arabs and Jews get along and all is fine and dandy…most of the Arabs there support Hamas and as you can see they celebrate the rockets being fired from Gaza, while taking advantage of the protective measures we have in place for all citizens!…” (see the video)

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