Jordan was created in Palestinian land, Jordan must be part of the solution

-“Jordan’s Queen is Palestinian, the next King will the son of a Palestinian, most of the population is Palestinian, …”

Since the US/EU claim the Arab-Israeli conflict can be solved though a UNSC resolution why not submit one declaring that Jordan is Palestine?

by Ezequiel Doiny

Arutz 7 reported that “US Secretary of State John Kerry asserted Wednesday that the escalating wave of Arab terror in Israel showcases what would be in store if the Palestinian Arabs were not to achieve statehood.

During a speech in Washington, Kerry emphasized the United States’ commitment to advancing the two-state solution, which he called “the only viable alternative.”

…Stressing that unrest and violence have hurt both Israelis and Palestinian Arabs, Kerry contended “the current situation is simply not sustainable.”…

Kerry calls the situation  “not sustainable” but the alternative that he proposes would be much worse. The Palestinian Media Watch translated an interview by one of Hamas founders Mahmoud al-Zahar to the Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam in which he said “transfer what it has [in Gaza] or just a small part of it to the West Bank, we would be able to settle the battle of the final promise [to destroy Israel] with a speed that no one can imagine…[Some] have said Hamas wants to create an Islamic emirate in Gaza. We won’t do that, but we will build an Islamic state in Palestine, all of Palestine…”

If a Palestinian State is established in the West Bank, Hamas will attack Israel from the West Bank as it does from Gaza.

Kerry may claim that “the situation is unsustainable” but the alternative would be much worse: the current stabbing attacks are far better that the thousands of rockets that will rain in Israel if a Palestinian State is created in the West Bank.

Those who advocate for the Two State Solution cannot ignore that what happened in Gaza will also happen in the West Bank. If a Palestinian State is created in the West Bank, Hamas will attack Israel with missiles from the West Bank as it does from Gaza. After Gaza, the “Two State Solution” became unfeasible, the situation changed, this cannot be ignored.

The “Two State Solution” is actually a “One State Solution” because it will lead to Israel’s destruction. Those who still advocate for the “Two State Solution” after what happened in Gaza do not care about the security of Israel.

There are 57 Muslim States (see members of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation) but only one Jewish State smaller than New Jersey. The “Two State Solution” will lead to the destruction of the only small Jewish State.

John Kerry is dishonest in not acknowledging that after Gaza the situation has changed and the “Two State Solution” will lead to Israel’s destruction.

Demanding an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank will make the situation far worse not better. The “Two State Solution” is not as Kerry claims the only option. There is a much better and honest option which is to recognize that the Palestinians already have a State in Jordan. Since the US/EU claim the Arab-Israeli conflict can be solved though a UNSC resolution why not submit one declaring that Jordan is Palestine?

Most of the Jordanian population is Palestinian, the previous King said “Jordan is Palestine, Palestine is Jordan”. The Queen of Jordan Rania Al-Yassin was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents Faisal Sedki Al Yassin and Ilham Yassin from Tulkarm, Jordan has a Palestinian Queen, the next King of Jordan will be the son of a Palestinian. If Jordan is recognized as the Palestinian State the Arabs currently living in Israel can continue but they will be Jordanian Citizens.

It is not honest for those who seek a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict to ignore that Jordan was also part of British Mandate Palestine. Jordan must also be part of the solution.

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  1. All the comments in the article are correct but unfortunately both the political leaders in Israel and the communal leaders in the diaspora are not putting this forward. In my opinion this is the only possible way out of this conflict. The problem is the Arabs do not want peace they want to destroy the Jewish homeland. However we need to use this to show that the re establishment of the Jewish state has not deprived the Palestinian Arabs of a homeland which is the narrative used to justify being anti Israel. We have not answered this perception correctly and suffer the consequence’s. I used to give talks to groups about J.I.P. and found there attitude changed after hearing our version of the conflict. In actual fact it is Jews who are the injured party here. There is a case to say that while we are prepared to share Mandated Palestine we want a better share of it.

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  2. The Mysore Lancers (of the Maharajas of Mysore) took Jerusalem with the last ever Cavalry Charge in the World under the command of General Allenby:

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  3. Jordan is Arab-Palestine

    Jordan is a country that never existed in history before WWI and nobody is contesting its legitimacy or territorial sovereignty and control. Jordan’s territory was taken from land allocated to the Jewish people under international law and treaties and signed by the 1919 Faisal Weitzmann Agreement. The amount of land taken away from the Jewish people for Jordan is about 78% from the total original allocation under the San Remo treaty of 75,000 sq. miles or 120,000 sq. km. The Arabs received over 5 million sq. miles. The same powers that established 21 Arab States after WWI, which nobody is contesting either, had established the State of Israel in 1920 based on the 1917 Balfour Declaration. On the other hand, Israel and its Jewish people have over 3500 year history. Many Nations and people are questioning Israel’s control of its liberated territory. No one is mentioning that the Arab countries had terrorized and ejected over a million Jewish families from their lands; where many of the Jews have lived for over 2,400 years, the Arabs confiscated all their assets, businesses, homes and over 120,000 sq. km. of real property which is valued in the trillions of dollars. (That includes property and land east of the Jordan River which is now the State of Jordan and no Jews are permitted to live in Jordan. Most of these expelled Jewish families and their children are resettled in Greater Israel they constitute today over half the population of Israel.
    If this is not discrimination against Israel, I do not know what is.
    It seems like nobody cares about land violations in other countries in the world, but when it comes to Israel, everyone has a say. Israel’s rights in the treaty of San Remo of 1920 are in affect in perpetuity, it clearly states that the Jewish people are the only ones with political rights in the British Mandate of Palestine and that the Jewish people can live anywhere in the British Mandate for Palestine aka Israel. The UN has no authority to redraw and or recreate countries, it can only recommend and if the recommendation is not accepted by all parties, it has no binding affect and no validity or meaning whatsoever.
    If the U.S., Europe and other countries will stop meddling, and stop its criticism and involvement in the politics of Israel and the Arabs, than there will be a chance for peace.
    We know the great powers are only interested in the OIL and nothing else, that is the bottom line.
    In fact sovereignty of the Jews over Palestine West of the Jordan is supported five ways:
    1. By the grant of the WWI Allies of exclusive political rights to Palestine in trust to World Jewry on April 25, 1920, intended to vest when the Jews in Palestine had attained a population majority. Prior to that time, England abandoned its trusteeship as the mandatory power, and de jure sovereignty devolved to the Jews who attained a majority not long afterwards in 1950 from the immigration of all the Jews in the Middle East who were dispossessed of their homes where they and their ancestors had lived for centuries.
    2. In the opinion of world acclaimed International Lawyers Julius Stone and Steven Schwebel based on Jordan’s conquest of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem in an aggressive war and their liberation by Israel in a defensive war.
    3. Under US and UK treaty law based on the Anglo American Convention of 1924.
    4. In the historic way sovereignty was gained, by asserting Israeli sovereignty in 1948 and defending its territory with its blood and treasure, establishing control and stability over its claimed territory.
    5. Under Canon law by a gift from God, as shown in the Old Testament.
    YJ Draiman

    “No Jew is entitled to give up the right of establishing [i.e. settling] the Jewish Nation in all of the Land of Israel. No Jewish body has such power. Not even all the Jews alive today [i.e. the entire Jewish People] have the power to cede any part of the country or homeland whatsoever. This is a right vouchsafed or reserved for the Jewish Nation throughout all generations. This right cannot be lost or expropriated under any condition or circumstance. Even if at some particular time, there are those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have no power or competence to deprive coming generations of this right. The Jewish nation is neither bound nor governed by such a waiver or renunciation. Our right to the whole of this country is valid, in force and endures forever. And until the Final Redemption has come, we will not budge from this historic right.”
    at the Basle Session of the 20th Zionist Congress at Zurich (1937)

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  4. The “disputed territory” has been the land of Jews since Solomon built the first temple at Jerusalem. Yashua (Jesus) wandered these lands a thousand year before Mahomet began to prate the Devil’s preachings.

    The Moslems of Judea, Jordon, Palestine and so on flotsam and jetsam that remained as the Ottoman tyranny rolled back. They belong in Saudi Arabia or Turkey.

    Islam will never take any Moslems back, because it is Mahomet’s Imperial ideology that once a Mahamutton step on somebody else’ land, it becomes Moslem and the Msolems must now carry out the injunctions of Mahomet’s “Total War” manuals, the Quran and the Hadiths to establish the full oppression of Sharia there.

    Islam is a one way street there is no turning back. Non Moslems must recongise this, and exterminate them.

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