Rand Paul unleashes on the White House after it dubbed Trump ‘disqualified’

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul unleashed on the White House Wednesday after press secretary Josh Earnest suggested Republican front-runner Donald Trump disqualified himself from the 2016 horse race for suggesting the U.S. should temporarily block Muslims from entry.

“What he said is disqualifying. And any Republican who’s too fearful of the Republican base to admit it has no business serving as president either,” Earnest told reporters during a press briefing Tuesday.

Paul, whose own amendment to halt visa issuance to individuals seeking to come to the U.S. from 32 Muslim-majority countries failed 10-89 to pass the Senate last Thursday, decided to respond to Earnest’s claim on Twitter with a tirade demonstrating why, he believes, President Obama is “unqualified” for the Oval Office.

Today I would like to put a mirror in front of the Obama White House and show them the top ten things that make HIM unqualified:— Dr. Rand Paul

Here are the 10 reasons the Kentucky senator and White House hopeful cited:

  1. “Tried to take over 1/6 of the economy in Obamacare, wrecked the system and hurt patients and taxpayers.”
  2. “Thinks an executive order is legislation and how you make law.”
  3. “Fought an undeclared, unconstitutional war in Libya, turned it into Jihadist wonderland.”
  4. “Fighting an undeclared, unconstitutional war in Syria, [and] trying to put ISIS in Damascus.”
  5. “Signed into law the indefinite detention of American citizens.” (Paul is referring to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by Obama in 2011, which earned heavy criticism from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union).
  6. “His copy of the bill of rights obviously goes from 1 to 3, skipping the 2nd amendment.”
  7. [A federal appeals] Court ruled his NSA spying on every American was illegal.”
  8. “He has added more debt than anyone in history.”
  9. “Appointed an attorney general who thinks speech against Muslims is a bigger threat than terrorism.”
  10. “Appointed an attorney general who thinks speech against Muslims is a bigger threat than terrorism.”
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