Watch: CNN Anchor Ashleigh Banfield Suggests On Air that Jews Should be Barred from Admission to America

In reported cases of Jewish terror attacks, should all Jews be barred from obtaining visas in order to enter the United States?

This was a question posed by CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Tuesday morning during an interview with former Ronald Reagan White House administration official and current Donald Trump supporter, Jeffrey Lord, when asked if his preferred presidential candidate was not applying a double standard to Muslims.

“If you supplant the word ‘Jews’ for ‘Muslims’ in a lot of the rhetoric that we’ve had this morning, I think people would find it sort of cringe-worthy and reminiscent of a really ugly time in our history,” Banfield said. “There have been Jewish terrorist attacks. Should we therefore ask no Jews to please apply for a visa?”

The CNN anchor then provided specifics examples: “From a period of 1980 to 1985 there were a reported 18 terror attacks committed in the United States by Jews, 15 of them committed by the Jewish Defense League,” Banfield said. ‘The head of the Jewish Defense league was in jail awaiting trial…accused of trying to bomb a mosque in Culver City, trying to bomb [US Congressman] Darrel Issa’s office, an Arab-American.”

“Are you really saying to me that there’s an international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world?” Lord asked in response.

“There are no Jews coming to [the US] to destroy America,” Lord added.

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Earlier this week, Trump called for blocking Muslims, including would-be immigrants, students, tourists and other visitors, from entering the United States following last week’s California shooting spree by two Muslims who authorities said were radicalized.

It was the most dramatic response by a presidential candidate following the San Bernardino, California, rampage, even as other Republicans have called for a suspension of President Barack Obama’s plan to allow in some refugees from Syria.

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