Trump Versus Obama?

By John W Lillpop

Does anyone, save possibly a mentally- depraved Communist or Democrat politician, honestly believe that Donald J. Trump would not be a profound improvement over Barack Obama, America’s closeted Muslim, anti-American, race-baiting Marxist?

Can any thinking American doubt that, despite his many eccentricities, rough edges, and obvious social warts, President Trump would usher in an era of renewed hope and spirit, after years in which we the people have been constantly berated by a President who clearly despises American values and who appears singularly dedicated to dismantling and destroying the American Dream?

Even though Trump is no Constitutional scholar, he is clearly a patriotic American who respects the Constitution, the rule of law, and the basic tenets of American governance, those ideals which make this nation the greatest to have ever adorned the human species.

Despite being burdened with an over-inflated ego and bellicose nature, Trump would never be so craven as to employ his pen and phone to violate the Constitution by issuing absurd decrees, known as Executive Orders.

He understands and respects concepts such as separation of powers, co-equal branches of government, and the urgent need to avoid egomaniacal driven tyranny at all costs.

Above all else, The Donald is undeniably American and, as such, is a committed patriot who continues to believe that preservation of American culture and heritage is worth fighting for!

Best of all: Donald Trump is NO Barack Obama!


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