Michael Moore’s “We Are All Muslim” Image Was Just Photoshopped, And It’s BRILLIANT

A couple of days back, documentary filmmaker and lunatic far-left political activist Michael Moore stood out front of Trump Tower in NYC holding a sign that read, “We are all Muslims.”

Moore wanted attention, and he got it.

Here’s the doofus photoshopped into another picture while holding his silly sign…

From Imgur:


moore we are all muslims

Still think everyone is Muslim, Mikey?

It’s not just radical Islamists who think the same way as those in the photo behind Moore, as many polls have shown that Muslims think alike on a number of sickening issues.

So, no. We are not ‘all Muslim.’

Don’t lump in peaceable Christians with your radical progressive ideology.

moore we are all muslim

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  1. Michael Moore is like most Democrats. He feels that if you do not agree with him then you are wrong and are stupid. Don’t know what happened to him since he was brought up in a good family. Makes you wonder what he is taking or smoking these days.

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