Police Are “Not Comfortable” Revealing The Motive Of Las Vegas Driver That Plowed Through Crowd

A female driver steered her car up onto the sidewalk in front of Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas and struck about 40 people, killing one the other day.

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We have learned that the woman’s name is Lakeisha N. Holloway and she is currently in custody but we are still waiting to hear why she did what she did.

The cops have not released that information and according to some sources, they “aren’t comfortable” sharing that with us yet.

Very strange stuff. For some reason, the authorities don’t want to let us know what took place that night because it makes them uncomfortable.

They have said they do not believe it was terrorism but that the standard answer these days to protect Islam.  What in the world would make them so uncomfortable they don’t even want to say it, was it racism, she wanted to kill whitey? Police Sheriff Joe Lombardo said he doubted the attack was “militant” in nature, but refuses to rule it out at this stage.

Some respondents on Twitter speculated that the attack may have been racially motivated.

According to another eyewitness account, the woman screamed “Allahu Akbar” during the attack, although this is from a dubious source and cannot be considered genuine at this time.



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