Dead ISIS fighter’s cell phone contains DISTURBING evidence

The evidence keeps piling up that Turkey is an ally of ISIS.

 It’s known that a major revenue source for ISIS is oil – hence Donald Trump wanting to “bomb the s— out of it.” By one estimate, ISIS was able to sell Turkey $800 million worth of oil over an eighth month period.

Then, Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border, which led to Putin accusing Turkey of supporting ISIS. Turkey denied the allegations, insisting it was taking precautions to protect Turkish territory.

Well, Putin was right.

 On Monday the Armenian news site Asbarez reported:

A commander of the Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) revealed that a mobile phone found with one of the killed ISIL ringleaders proved the Turkish spy agency’s support for the terrorist group.

The mobile phone was found with one of the killed ISIL leaders in the Northern parts of Salahuddin province two days ago,” Jabbar al-Ma’mouri told Soumeriya news on Monday.

He said that the mobile set and history files contain messages from the Turkish intelligence agency which show that Ankara supports the ISIL terrorist group through providing security at the points of entry used by ISIL militants from Turkey to Iraq.

“The mobile phone also contains other important information which cannot be disclosed now, and it has been delivered to the specialized security groups for further scrutiny,” Ma’mouri said.

Putin was hardly the first to make this accusation. Last month David Phillips of the U.S. State Department stated that “Turkey has blatantly provided material support to ISIL, because they share an ideological connection along with a common foe in Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

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Obama says Turkey is a “critical ally.” Maybe it’s time we rethink that relationship.

[Note: This article was written by The Analytical Economist]

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