Abbas’s Fatah celebrates 51 years of terrorism

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction has begun celebrating 51 years since it’s first terror attack on January 1, 1965, when it tried to bomb Israel’s National Water Carrier.

That first attack, known as Intilaqa or “the launch,” came two years before the 1967 Six Day War in which Israel liberated the territories Fatah claims in the world forum to be demanding.

It was the first of many lethal attacks, which caused Fatah to be put on the international lists of terrorist organizations – a designation removed from it and from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in the 1994 Oslo Accords.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) revealed Thursday that Fatah has been busily celebrating its 51 years of terror on social media. Earlier this month, the group put an image on its official Lebanese website “Falestinona,” showing the number 51 made up of a knife, a bullet and a rifle, accompanied by the text “revolution until victory.”

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Fatah’s official Facebook page on Tuesday posted an image celebrating 51 years of “sowing terror” among Israelis, showing a masked Fatah terrorist with the words: “half a century of sowing terror in the eyes of the sons of Zion.”

The profile picture of the page had been changed to the letters 51, with the “1” made up of a map of all of Israel, showing the clear intentions to destroy and replace the Jewish state.

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Another post to the page from Friday revealed by PMW shows another masked Fatah terrorist with a rifle, accompanied by the text: “we march, we are not afraid of the fire and we do not fear death. With blood we will redeem the homeland and saturate its ground. The anniversary is approaching.”

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PMW reports that Fatah has been flooding Facebook, Twitter and its official websites with images glorifying the rifle and calling for terrorist attacks.

One example from Fatah’s Twitter account earlier this month shows a rifle, along with the text: “Fatah movement; The first announcement 1965 (i.e., first Fatah terror attack); Long live the outbreak of the Palestinian revolution.”

On the image itself are the words: “Fatah movement; Long live the outbreak of the Palestinian revolution; Jan. 1, 1965 (i.e., date of first terror attack); Fatah Mobilization and Organization Commission.”

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In another picture on Fatah’s Facebook page from two weeks ago, a masked terrorist can be seen with a rifle and the words: “Fatah movement; Long live the anniversary of the launch; Of the original Fatah rebel; #launch_of_Fatah_movement51.”

“51; The anniversary of the outbreak of the Palestinian rebellion is approaching; Long live the anniversary of the launch; Fatah Mobilization and Organization Commission,” reads the text on the picture.

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