Media report SOLELY on Trump mention in terror recruitment video, CENSORS Hillary is in it TOO

The enemedia strikes again.

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The media’s latest stunt in their desperate  and unhinged campaign to save their Muslim victimhood narrative and blame-America-for-jihad is their headlines blaring that Trump is featured in a newly released Islamic savage video. The not-so-subtle implication is that criticism of jihad and/or sharia causes jihad terror. The not-so-subtle accusation is that jihad-terror is our fault.

But the fact is that Hillary is in this video as well. This is more of the media’s self-enforcing sharia. In Islam, lying is permissible to advance Islam, otherwise known as taqiyya. Lying by omission is kitman. In Islamic jurisprudence kitm?n (????? “secrecy, concealment”) is a subfield of ?iyal (the practice of deception or legal trickery).

Here’s a sampling:

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“Media gleefully reporting al-Shabab video with Trump, IGNORES Hillary and ‘Black Lives Matter’ are in it TOO!!,” Right Scoop, January 2, 2016:

El Trumpo is finally being used in a terrorist training video and the media couldn’t be more happy.

Here’s TIME magazine:

An al-Qaeda affiliate released a recruitment video Friday that includes an excerpt of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announcing his call to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.


The video, apparently the first to include footage of Trump, juxtaposed clips of the presidential candidate and al-Awlaki saying “the West will eventually turn against its Muslims citizens,” according to the Times, while also including footage of al-Awlaki calling for attacks similar to that of the Fort Hood shooting in 2009, in which Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan killed 13 people and injured more than 30 in Killeen, Texas.

But, as NRO columnist Stephen Miller points out, they’re completely ignoring some details:

Here’s how TIME is vaguely reporting the Black Lives Matter appearance:

According to the New York Times, al-Shabab—the Islamic militant branch of al-Qaeda in Somalia—included the clip of Trump along with footage of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American imam and recruiter for al-Qaeda who was killed in 2011, as well as clips of white supremacists and protests over police use of force in the U.S.

Funny how they don’t mention their name, isn’t it?…

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