Too Many White Faces among Oscar Winners?

By John W. Lillpop

When the American people chose to discard American heritage and exceptionalism by electing Barack Obama in 2008, and by re-electing him in 2012, voters were deceived by a naïve promise which held that electing an African-American to the presidency would immediately usher in a “Post-racial” era that would facilitate the healing of open wounds inflicted over scores of decades by slavery, separate but not equal segregation, and other grievous instances of a “Legacy of Discrimination” that made the American Dream but a nightmare for millions of Americans.

Obama was to bring healing and unity to America, thereby setting aside the divisive contentions which plagued relations between white and black Americans. His elevated intellect and self-righteous morality would bring people together as Americans joined in pursuit of justice and happiness as foreseen by the Founders.

Seven years into the failed Obama experiment, racial discord is at an all- time high, as Caucasians and “People of Color” battle each other for every loose crumb of the American Dream, goaded into battle by government and media institutions which feast on such discord.

Racial disharmony has grown so bitter that even the awarding of Oscars for motion-picture actors has turned into a racial war, as reported at the reference:

As Motion Picture Academy members cast their ballots for Oscar nominations this week, the biggest issue for many voters isn’t about who might be nominated but about the diversity of this year’s acting class.

Their fear: The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite will be trending on social media again.
The academy found itself on the defensive last year when white actors earned all 20 of the nominations in the lead and supporting categories. The topic came to define the Academy Awards so much that host Neil Patrick Harris opened the ceremony by quipping: “Tonight we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest. Sorry, brightest.”

Yet there’s a strong chance this year’s acting awards will once again be heavily, perhaps exclusively, white, despite the efforts of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to diversify the organization.

“If it’s all-white again, nobody’s going to be happy and there might be a growing perception that the academy is out of touch,” said USC history professor Steve Ross, author of several books about Hollywood politics. “It has to be a good performance, but, for some, if they’re deciding between Will Smith and somebody else, they might just go for Will Smith because of what happened last year.”

The racialization of the Oscars poses several huge questions:

Is it even theoretically possible that Caucasians might be rightfully nominated for all of the Oscars without the ugly head of racism being suspected?

Should the Academy Awards adopt a rigid, non-negotiable system of racial quotas to assure numeric equality in the awarding of the coveted Oscars?
Or, should the Oscar(s) be awarded to the actors turning in the best acting performances, regardless of skin pigmentation?

These questions and others are likely to go unanswered for many years, despite the efforts of a false Messiah to bring a “Post Racial Era” to America!


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