German Police: All of Cologne Sex Attackers Were Newly Arrived Migrants

Identity of culprits now “secret” as cover-up intensifiesmass-migration

An experienced police officer has revealed that 14 of the 15 culprits arrested so far who were involved in the mass sexual molestation of women in Cologne on New Years Eve were newly arrived Syrian migrants.

In an interview with, the officer reveals that 15 men were arrested, of whom 14 were from Syria and one was from Afghanistan. The men had arrived in Germany within the last few days or weeks, according to the officer.

“14 were from Syria and one from Afghanistan. That’s the truth. Although it hurts,” said the officer.

A separate official confirmed to that this was accurate, according to the report.

Police initially claimed that the suspects were not newly arrived refugees, although quite how the men being supposedly ‘assimilated’ immigrants would be a better scenario makes little sense.

The identity of the culprits is now “under lock and key and secret,” according to the officer, suggesting that authorities are keen to keep the information under wraps.

Paramedics and emergency physicians who attended to the injured on the night could also confirm the identities of the men, according to the officer.

The officer also explained how he had, “young women weeping beside me, who wore no panties, after the crowd had spat at them.”

Police were overwhelmed and unable to protect the victims because sufficient forces were not dispatched to the scene, according to the officer, an account that is backed up by another eyewitness – a hotel bouncer who was working in the immediate vicinity of Cologne Cathedral.

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Evidence of a police cover up is already unraveling. Authorities issued a press release on New Years Day claiming the previous night was “peaceful” and without incident. It took the German media days to report on the story, with top broadcaster ZDF later apologizing for the delay.

As we previously highlighted, German police have been accused of covering up crimes and sexual assaults committed by migrants so as not to “legitimize” critics of mass immigration.

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  1. These SOB’s are off to a typical start where non-Muslim women and girls are in the same area where these shiftless predators happen to be.

    They will be reprimanded with a warning, which they will not take seriously. In their homelands they don’t get warnings, they either get away with their attacks because women alone are not believed, or four men must have witnessed such type attack and bear witness. That won’t happen. The German females will get no justice.

    The only way for these aborigines to have their belief systems understand reality is to put bullet holes in them and let the cards fall where they may. Arabs learn only the hard way, pain is a good motivator for them. And, if it comes to pass, Merkel and her damned bleeding heart should keep out of what German law enforcement deems necessary.

    This kind of Arab behavior must be stopped before it becomes their mode of behavior in Europe. So far they’ve had “open season” on females and lone German males. There is no way to rationalize with such wild dogs, they need very hard lessons.

    • If natives Europeans did the same thing they would get years in prison, migrants get community service for a day.

  2. Reaction of Judiciary and Governments of India, US and Europe to rape would indicate that women must enjoy being raped and murdered. By Sunni Moslems.

    • Firstly, I was addressing the present issues in Germany, I didn’t attempt to enjoin the situations in the USA where rape will be prosecuted, or among the Muslim community of India where a female complaint may never reach police intervention.

      So, please do not attempt to attach your obvious agenda to the issues of Muslim migrants in Germany. If you have a particular issue of which you’re well informed, for India, have a go at it. The circumstances will not be the same in India as the USA. I understand your attempt at linking them all, very sly but it doesn’t work.

      Obviously, you are rooting for the Sunni attitudes to raping anything that breathes. You will not find me looking favorably at such cowardly activity. You are welcome to elaborate about Sunni Muslim ethics, although it is extremely doubtful that any sane female will ever enjoy Sunni criminality.

  3. You evidently have not heard of the Saudi Prince acquitted in California or the Saudi Businessman acquitted in Britain of rape without reference to evidence, procedure or law. I repeat, that the Judicary and Politicians believe as indicated that women MUST enjoy being raped by Sunni Moslems. Not that the women do.

    Not to worry. Once they get used to Islamic rape, murder, loot, enslavement and vandalism, (like the Non Moslem Indians), the Judges, the Politicians, the Journalists and the Police will become more sophisticated in covering up Moslem Crimes. This will leave the Pope, Ted Cruz, Obama, Tony Blair and Angela Merkel to proclaim, without contradiction, that “Islam is a religion of Peace”. everywhere as it i in India! This is known as turning Non Moslems into Dhimmies in the Quran and the Hadiths.

    You would benefit from a study of Sophocles, a comprehension of irony and a realization that Sunni Islam is global and not local.

  4. I “evidently” did know of the incidents you now focus upon.
    You now resort to “revealing” what you may think is only information you have secured.

    You may remember that the issue was the happenings in Germany, and you attempted to incorporate individual crimes occurring in CA, and in India, which has the highest Muslim population of any “Non-Muslim nation” in this world.

    I do understand why you, in particular, would attempt linking the massive problems India has wrestled with as part of its existence. It is a matter that continues to fester. It is a matter that requires to be discussed on its own basis.

    However, it is not Germany or the EU which practically invited the issues of shiftless, criminal, Muslims in less than perhaps fifty years. You want to introduce India’s problems here? That’s fine, but it’s very far from the recent Muslim encroachment of Germany, the subject presently in question.
    I maintain that the three issues you lumped together were in order to introduce the single issue of one nation, which at one time was conquered by Islam.

    That doesn’t mean I’m partial to Islam in India, far from it, but the unfortunate fact about Islam is once it conquers territory, its mind-set is to believe the territory is Islam’s into perpetuity. As a consequence, non-Muslims in that territory, in this case the gigantic country of India and its non-Muslim citizens are supposed by Islam as second-rate people resulting from Islam’s caste system and conquest agenda.

    Obviously, you do know what an irritant to India’s sovereignty is Pakistan. And that Pakistani undercurrent is at work in Kashmir, a state of India.
    So, you see, adding the immense problems of the world’s second largest nation can hardly be combined as a similar issue as with Germany, small as compared to India.

    India is a subject all by itself, a Saudi Prince and Saudi businessman is another subject, minor to the roving gangs from Helsinki to Cologne which is yet another issue.

    As for Sunni Islam, don’t even believe for a second that I, and many other Americans, don’t realize that it’s a global threat. You are not alone in that belief.

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