Islam in Syria: Mother Publically Executed By Her Own Muslim Son for Leaving Islam

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A woman has been executed in Syria by her own son for abandoning Islam in the Isis-controlled Syrian city of Ruqqa, according to reports. Respected monitoring group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) claimed 45-year-old Leena Al-Qasem was killed by her son Ali Saqr in a public execution for committing apostasy. Ali Saqr like many radicals flee to Europe as Refugees when Russia comes in to take back the cities for the Syrian government.

The anti-Isis Syrian activist group also uploaded a photo of the man believed to be the son, and described him as a member of the Islamic State (Isis).

The group corrected the age of the woman to 45-years-old after sending these tweets.

The claims arrive after RBSS said female journalists Ruqia Hassan was also killed by IS for writing about life in Raqqa since it became an IS-stronghold, as well as the documenting the coalition airstrikes againt the group.

Hassan, who also went under the pseudonym “Nisan Ibrahim”, is believed to be the fifth journalist to be killed by IS since October.

RBSS founder, Abu Mohammed, tweeted on 2 January what he claimed were Hassan’s last words: “I’m in Raqqa and I received death threats and when Isis will arrest me and kill me it’s ok because they will cut my head and I have dignity. It’s better than I live in humiliation with Isis.”

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