Hillary’s State Dept. Discussed Secretly Backing Palestinian Riots

This latest revelation from released State Department emails will fuel suspicions of foreign meddling in Israeli affairs and raise questions about Hillary Clinton and the people surrounding her. Say it ain’t so, Hillary!

  • Sanctions on Iran may be lifted as early as Friday, so it’d be nice to know what’s going on inside the Islamic Republic. Take today’s confusion over the Arak heavy water reactor:
    – Report: Iran removes core from nuclear reactor
    – Iran nuke official denies key reactor dismantled

  • Tweet of the day . . .
  • Mein Kampf Used to Assault Israel: Op-ed in The Guardian implies Israeli Jews are spreading racist hatred, having failed to learn the lessons of Nazism.
  • The Only Terrorists in the New York Times: Why does the Gray Lady use the word terror when talking about Jewish terror, but not Palestinian terror?

  • Islamic State followers plan to take over the Gaza Strip. Khaled Abu Toameh takes note of a new video released by the pro-ISIS Palestinian Islamic Army (PIA), and what it means.

Egyptian security officials have attested repeatedly that the Gaza Strip has become a major exporter of jihadis to Sinai. Events have proven those officials correct. It seems that there may be valid reasons for Egypt’s reluctance to reopen the Rafah border crossing with Gaza, as well as to Israel’s opposition to lifting the naval blockade on Gaza — initiated to prevent weapons from being imported to Hamas and other extremists in the Gaza Strip. The PIA video provides definitive proof that the Gaza Strip has become a hub for jihadi groups posing a murderous threat not only to Israel and “the West,” but also to Muslims who are deemed by the terrorists as lacking in religious standards.

  • The machete-armed attacker of a Jewish man in Marseilles on Monday was a 15-year-old boy who told police he acted on behalf of Allah and Islamic State.



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