Ted Cruz Responds to Obama’s Last State of the Union

Ted Cruz:

The President continues to be in denial of reality. He would have us believe that global warming is our greatest threat, our military is as strong as it can be, the economy is working for American families, and that the key to alleviating poverty is more government dependence.

The reality is very different. We have had at least eight ISIS inspired attacks on innocent Americans, including law enforcement, yet Obama refuses to acknowledge the root of the cause of these attacks, radical Islamic terrorism…. And while Obama lectured us on civility, he neglected to pay tribute to the 10 American sailors who were taken hostage by Iran that very day. Instead, he praised the Iran deal and no less than three times professed the threat of climate change.

Obama’s final State of the Union address marks the end of eight years of lost potential for America that will fortunately soon come to a close…. And it’s a signal that Americans are ready to stand together to elect a leader who will bring back jobs and growth, champion every citizens’ God-given liberties, and restore our security and our leadership in the world.

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