Iran Releases 10 US Sailors: Another Nobel Peace Prize for The One?

By John W Lillpop

Only an abused mind suffering the combined effects of Botox poisoning and years of living in the leftist lunacy asylum known as San Francisco would credit Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran for securing the safe release of 10 American sailors who had been held captive by the mad Mullahs of Iran.

Unfortunately, there is such a mind residing in the personage of Democrat Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, she a Democrat member of the US House, who opined thusly as reported at the reference:

Notably, the former Speaker of the House failed to explain why the diplomatic deal failed to prevent the Mullahs from taking the sailors captive in a hostile fashion to begin with, or why the action was taken mere hours before the President’s State of the Union address.

The big question: Will Pelosi’s retarded kudos spark yet another undeserving, foolish awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to The One?


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