Wal-Mart Gave In To Liberals’ Minimum Wage Demands And Now Their Employees Are Paying The Price

Further proof that the laws of economics don’t give a flying leap about FEEEEELINGS, we have this news from Wal-Mart.

(Watch – some butthurt Social Justice Cultist is going to start protesting the natural way the economy works. Sorry, kiddos. You can’t legislate human nature).

According to this, Wal-Mart has announced the closure of 269 stores and over 10,000 employees are going to lose their jobs. This comes nearly a year after Wal-Mart capitulated to the masses of liberal whiners demanding they increase wages for their workers. Last February, they raised the base hourly wage to $10/hour and made other changes meant to improve work conditions – which cost them over $1 billion.

But that doesn’t matter anymore to the workers at those 269 stores, ’cause now they’re going to be making precisely $0/hour.

And it’s not like this was an “all of a sudden” thing, either. Late last year, Wal-Mart had to cut back employees’ hours after raising wages because – SHOCKER – they couldn’t afford to keep hours at the rate they’d been.

I don’t expect advocates of the “living wage” (whatever that means) to understand why this happened. They’re probably just happy that the EEEEEEEEVIL Wal-Mart is having to shut down a bunch of its locations. It’s not like those employees had rent to pay or mouths to feed. Everything is Wal-Mart’s fault and all big corporations TOTALLY deserve this misfortune (not like corporations are run by actual people who are just trying to make a living or anything).

Way to ruin people’s lives, liberals.

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