Obama Touts “Smart Diplomacy” as Key to Iran Nuke Deal!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama, buoyed by the lifting of sanctions against the terrorist state of Iran and implementation of the nuclear “deal” with the Mad Mullahs, wasted little time in praising himself for winning the day without the use of force.

As reported:

In Washington, President Barack Obama said the breakthrough was vindication of his contentious policy of engagement.

“We achieved this through diplomacy without resorting to another war in the Middle East,” he said in an address to the nation.

Obama neglected to note that “smart diplomacy” was facilitated by the $150 billion dollars that will accrue to the Mullah’s coffers and will surely be used to sponsor even more terrorism throughout the world, and to push for the complete annihilation of Israel.

He did not mention the fact that the Iranian lust for nuclear weapons was, at best, delayed somewhat, but is still a high priority item on the Mullah’s To Do list.

He did not mention that war may ultimately be the only way to rid the world of the Iranian nuclear threat, once the fairy tale elation fades and reality is allowed to take over.

He did not mention that when war finally comes, Iran will be stronger and more difficult to subdue.

Most significantly, he did not mention that Iran was immediately slapped with new sanctions for violations involving ballistic missiles.

The big question: Just how “smart” is it for the world’s lone superpower to give the rogue nation of Iran $150 billion, AND a green light to continue development of a nuclear program that would endanger the entire world?

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Bottom line: Obama’s “Deal” is smart only from his egomaniacal perspective which is focused only on his personal legacy and is completely unconcerned about the tens of millions of people whom will be at risk when Iran’s future dreams of nuclear weaponry are fulfilled!

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