Hillary’s New “Inevitability”

By John W Lillpop

For nigh unto nearly a decade, the American people have been force-fed a steady diet of decayed bologna regarding the “inevitability” of Hillary Clinton to take her rightful place in the Oval Office as the first woman President of the United States.

This sexist nonsense started in 2007/2008 when mainstream media types bought into Clinton’s disgusting exploitation of the gender card and all but named her the 44th president before a single ballot had been cast by We the people.

The only thing that railroaded the “inevitability queen” was the more urgent need, as perceived by leftist media mongrels, to break the color barrier at 1600 Pennsylvania, hence the ascension of Barack Obama from the US Senate to the White House from where he would judiciously disseminate Hope and Change to a world hungry for the blessings of a certified Messiah who spoke in circles, but rich, lovely-sounding circles.

Round one of Hillary’s “inevitability” bout was thus lost to the charismatic, double-talking communist from Chicago, who just happened to be the first person of color elected to the US Presidency.

Now eight years later, Clinton has resumed her “Inevitability” assault on the White House and, given the lack of credible Democrat opposition and, boosted by her adoring fans in the media, she once again took on, or seized, the mantle of “Inevitability”.

Until recently, Clinton’s efforts seemed to be winning the day as she lied her way through the first Democrat Party debate when Bernie Sanders voluntarily removed the yoke from her neck by dismissing all the talk about her e-mail and server problems as vile partisan nonsense, rather than serious matters involving national security and the rule of law.

Clinton also used her considerable congenital lying skills to sail through the Congressional Benghazi investigation relatively unscathed; although those hearings did expose the fact that she knew immediately that the Libyan embassy was the subject of a terrorist attack, and not some obscure anti-Muslim video.

After surviving the debate and Congressional hearings with damn little truth being exposed, Clinton began to recover her inevitability moniker and was once again the odds-on favorite to represent the Democrat party in the 2016 elections and, according to the pundit class, serve as the 45th US president, succeeding the abdominal Barack Obama.

Clinton’s return to the top was short lived, however, as it was revealed that her despicable behavior as Secretary of State was being investigated by the FBI, which could ultimately result in an untimely indictment of the “presumptive favorite.”

Clinton’s stock has been on a steady decline since, what with the unveiling of husband and notorious sexual predator Bill Clinton as a “secret weapon” and the inevitable re-introduction of Monica Lewinski, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wiley, Linda Tripp, and a cast of hundreds, if not thousands, to the public narrative about Clinton and her slimy associations.

As a result, Hillary’s “inevitability” has changed character, and dramatically so!

Now it seems to be a safe bet that Hillary’s life will consist of a series of “inevitabilities” that should end her political career once and for all, including:

() Indictment for crimes while Secretary of State;
() Loss of any chance for the Democrat nomination;
() Possible incarceration for crimes committed; and
() Disbandment of the fraudulent crime syndicate known as the Clinton foundation and disbursement of tens of millions of dollars to charities and other worthwhile causes.

All in all, the Clinton crime spree now appears headed for a just and reasonable resolution; made all the more delicious by permanent removal of the “Inevitability” crown from her old, lying head!

John Lillpop
Fremont CA

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