Europe in Chaos: Videos of Muslim Migrants Attacking Europeans

The era of a once peaceful Europe is nearing its end, these are only a few of the many violent events committed by Muslims against the European people that tried to help them.  These videos are shocking and the corrupt European leaders want even more of this.

Two elderly metro passengers in Munich were attacked by a group of young men of Middle Eastern appearance last weekend as they tried to protect a woman from being sexually harassed. The Muslim asylum seekers went berserk when the old men intervened.

Muslim Tries To Molest Woman, She Smacks Him Down And He Runs Away

A horrifying video in the new Multicultural Europe showing a young mother being attacked by a Muslim migrant after she foiled his attempt to pickpocket another woman.

Violence. Mayhem. Destruction. Amidst the horrible screams and brawling fists it appears that a group of “refugees” are also raping somebody amidst the chaos. Table are overturned. Garbage is everywhere. It looks like a scene out of an African war zone.

Muslim Migrants Attacks French Family in Calais

Muslim Immigrants Attack German Woman and Her Child

Young Girl attacked and robbed by Moroccan Immigrants in Netherlands

Muslim Migrants Attacking Journalists In Calais Camp

German Bus Driver Grabs Muslim Migrant in Headlock After Attempted Theft

German kids beaten up by Muslim migrants

Swedish girl sexually attacked by immigrants

Migrant Sneak Attack On A European Woman In Hungary

Muslim migrants harass female reporter on camera

Truck Driver Gets Ambushed by Muslim ‘Refugees’ Gives Them a NASTY Surprise!


“Refugees” taunt and harass Europeans

Muslim Mob chases cops from ‘No Go’ Zones in UK

Migrants Riot and Shouting “Allahu Akbar” in Celle, Germany

Muslim riots in German immigration center

Riots, violence, immigrants in EU compilation 2014/2015

Muslim Migrants Paris riot

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