Political cover up at State Dept. to benefit Hillary Clinton during primaries

By Jim Kouri

“The State Department isn’t releasing the emails until after the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primary because the Democrats have placed party interests ahead of nation security interests.” – Former Federal Law Enforcement Official

Up to seven of former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email chains will be held back from release to the news media and public due to the discovery that they contain top secret information, the U.S. State Department said on Friday.

The State Department will be denying in full seven email chains, found in 22 documents representing 37 pages,” said State Department spokesman John Kirby. “The documents are being upgraded at the request of the Intelligence Community because they contain a category of Top Secret information … These documents were not marked classified at the time they were sent.”

Kirby, who retired as a U.S. Navy rear admiral and Pentagon spokesman, is laughingly called “Baghdad Bob” Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi military spokesman who was notorious for bending the truth in his reports. Kirby is accused by many of being deceptive.

Fox News Channel’s chief intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge, noted on Friday that “any discussion about marked or unmarked emails is a legal red herring because trained officials – like Clinton – can spot such intelligence without blatant indicators.”

“It is the content that is classified – not the format it is in,” Herridge said. “To suggest to people that there is somehow a big rubber stamp with ‘classified’ that’s smacked on every document is completely misleading and that’s something you only see in the movies. Mrs. Clinton knows better because she had to have special training as secretary of state because she has classification authority.”

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To her credit, Herridge is the only top news correspondent to explain exactly what is transpiring at the State Department, White House and Pentagon regarding the FBI investigation of Clinton, her Internet server and her role in suspected corruption at the so-called charity organization, The Clinton Foundation.

The controversy over Clinton’s use of a private email server in her New York home for her work as a secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 has dogged her campaign to become president.

But a lot of the news coverage, especially by the national news media, is obviously slanted to make it sound as if the email scandal is a concoction of the Republican Party.

“On its face the Clinton campaign’s statements are mendacious. The FBI agents, the inspector general for the intelligence community and members of the CIA, NSA and other spy agencies are not part of the Republican Party. The only conspiracy is the Clinton-State Department lies and political spin,” said former police deputy chief and political strategist Joey Nathaniel.

Nathaniel noted that the Obama administration has intentionally or unintentionally delivered a curve ball to Hillary Clinton with their first public admission that her unauthorized email server contained the highest levels of classified U.S. intelligence, despite her denials.

The announcement is likely to reignite criticism by her Republican opponents that she made highly sensitive government secrets vulnerable to hackers.

The U.S. government prohibits the storing or transmission of classified information outside secure government-controlled channels such as “dot gov” Internet addresses
Hillary Clinton’s latest tactic is accusing President Obama’s intelligence community inspector general, I. Charles McCullough III, of being part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

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Her minions’ charges followed Tuesday’s revelation that Clinton had intelligence known as “special access programs,” or SAP, on her personal non-secured Internet server as U.S. secretary of state.

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