Ted Cruz Wanted to Build a Wall YEARS Before Trump Ever Talked About It

From Patterico:

Here’s Ted Cruz, July 17, 2012, during his run for the Texas Senate, supporting building a wall:

MODERATOR: Mr. Cruz. You were asked during April’s Belo Debate if you support building a fence the length of the U.S./Mexico border and here’s what you said.

MODERATOR: He supports building a wall along the entire Texas/Mexico border. Is that something that you would support? Yes, no, why? We’ll start with you, Mr. Cruz.

CRUZ: Yes. We have an illegal immigration crisis and we need to do everything humanly possible to secure the border. That means fences, that means walls…


MODERATOR: [unintelligible] wall, you said you’d support a wall

CRUZ: I said yes to that.

MODERATOR: — even if it infringes on property rights of Texans along the way.

CRUZ: Property owners should be compensated for that [edit]

MODERATOR: Is that still your position tonight, to build a fence the length of the Texas/Mexico border?

CRUZ: I think we need to use every tool humanly possible.

MODERATOR: And that is one of them?

CRUZ: Yes.

MODERATOR: Yes? OK. Do you have any idea how much it would cost?

CRUZ: I don’t know the specific cost but I can guarantee you it is far less than the cost of illegal immigration.

The moderator goes on to berate Cruz for supporting this despite the cost. Cruz sticks to his guns. That was July 17, 2012, and the debate clip used in the second debate was from April 13, 2012. Donald Trump’s latest presidential run was announced in June 2015.

This means Ted Cruz supported a wall years before Trump announced his 2016 presidential bid.

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And here is Cruz again, from July 30, 2011, supporting a wall as part of a comprehensive strategy to secure the border:

QUESTIONER: Do you favor a path to citizenship for illegal aliens already in the U.S., stricter border enforcement, and/or the building of a border wall or some other policy or combination of policies?

CRUZ: There were a lot of questions in that piece. Let me lay out my position on immigration, because I can state it simply and in one sentence. I am strongly opposed to illegal immigration. I am categorically opposed to amnesty. And I strongly support legal immigrants who follow the rules and come here seeking to work towards the American dream.

Now with respect to securing the borders, I approach this from the perspective of someone who’s spent much of his adult life in law enforcement. It makes utterly no sense that we don’t know who’s coming into this country. We don’t know the criminal backgrounds. Our borders are largely unsecured. And particularly in a post-9/11 world, that is lunacy. I support any and all possible efforts to secure the border. That includes fences, that includes walls, that includes technology, that includes helicopters, that includes drones, that includes manpower, that includes employment verification, that includes approaching it as a law enforcement priority. And right now, neither party is serious about doing that.

With respect to a path to citizenship or amnesty, I categorically oppose it. And the reason is, I’ve spent a lifetime working to defend the constitution and uphold the rule of law. It is fundamentally unfair and contrary to the rule of law to reward those who break the law. And you know, one of the people it’s most unfair to are those that are following the laws. There are immigrants who wait years and even decades to come here legally. And yet what amnesty programs say is that we’re going to take those that have chosen to break the law, and we’re going to reward them rather than insist that people follow the law. I don’t think that’s fair, I don’t think that’s right, and I don’t support it.

Thanks to @mbhouse on Twitter (here and here) for the pointers.

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Mark Levin discussed this on his show:

Ted Cruz was the one, who first advocated for building a wall on southern border.

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  1. At a time when the American public was especially sensitive to the most porous borders ever for a country with the size and power of the U.S.A., when there were so many Obama lies accumulating re: migrant infiltration of our borders, and crimes attributable to illegals concealed by sanctuary cities.
    With the frequency of Muslim violence, only an unconscious person would not have noticed how irresponsible was the Obama regime. And, even before that during the Bush administration was there no remedy taken to enforce immigration laws that have been “on the books” and waiting for enforcement for longer than we know.

    However, under the Obama regime, illegal entries have never been higher in number. Visa overstays are also neglected. Overstays merely melt into general population. We then get from the government the reason for lack of overstay enforcement; this government hasn’t the personnel resources to make enforcement possible!
    This is happening at the time when the Obama regime has opened more federal departments, wasted more tax-payer money, while it enforces few if any federal laws related to immigration.

    Not only that, but Obama has been coalescing with private organizations to sneak migrants past Customs Officers by using private channels,unofficial Ports of Entry,and avoiding the legal immigration process and its laws.
    Under all such neglect of immigration enforcement, the “Syrian refugee” issue has compounded our immigration problems, and simultaneously came “jihadi” crimes throughout this nation.

    All of that being described, would anyone seeking high office have had any difficulty in understanding that “immigration” was a particularly disturbing issue which needed to be addressed and was not by the Obama regime?
    Trump saw it as an opportunity to create more than a stir with Americans. Not meaning to detract from his intentions, but with such a “sore spot” of an issue, a candidate for the presidency couldn’t miss being noticed by Americans who were angry about this for years! While this government paid no attention! Trump actually put “immigration” on America’s mind by publicly speaking against the insanity of doing nothing in relation to “Syrian refugees” (if they were really Syrian anyway!) He got the public’s attention.
    Ted Cruz has been fighting the Obama regime’s attitude years before Trump,Cruz had that foresight years ago.
    But,Trump reopened the case “loud and clear.”
    Yes, he’s profane, I think that’s not presidential, he’s bombastic, also not presidential. He just yelled loud enough at the right moment, and knew how to maneuver in the TV news media.

    I do prefer Cruz, I think he is presidential, still we need him or any other able dedicated leader in the Oval Office who will bring sanity back to U.S. immigration policies.

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