Donald Trump Knowingly Lies About Planned Parenthood, Policy Positions; Trump Exposed As Liberal Democrat

Donald Trump was exposed as the liberal Democrat he is at the South Carolina debate on February 13th by Ted Cruz.

Trump is wrong about wanting to fund Planned Parenthood and he is proven so in this interview from August 2015:

Cruz discusses how Trump cannot defend his liberal record:

Trump has lied to the American people and has not changed his political positions.  Trump will say whatever he needs to say to get elected President.

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Donald Trump Knowingly Lies About Planned Parenthood, Policy Positions; Trump Exposed As Liberal Democrat, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. It looks like voting time, late 2007 all over again. The “true believers” went for the bait from Obama, now it’s Trump who puts out the bait. We have a constituency to match certain candidates. Such candidates learned from Obama’s tall election speeches that with a sizable amount of the American public, campaigning to them is like stealing candy from a baby. They’ll buy any kind of boasting from a candidate, who if that candidate doesn’t come through on his campaign boasting, he’ll have a convenient lie to tell his voters why he couldn’t do it…usually blaming same on Congress, the economy, the weather, the “something.” It will never be a matter of taking responsibility.

    So much for the great expectations that after cooling down become hopeful expectations, and finally fiction. What ever happened to the old and true admonition that “if it’s too good to be true, it generally isn’t true?”
    Has anyone noticed that most of the debates have become character assassinations and not substantive? The word “liar” has dominated these silly debates, Trump is the most liberal in using that term. According to him, everyone else lies, but he tells the truth!

    We keep hearing the “Mexico will pay” for this or that, that China’s economic legs will be cut out from China and anywhere else where American jobs are being soaked up.
    So…where is the talk of lowering corporate tax rates? There is the crux of the problems for American businesses.
    It’s time to stop begrudging the reason why businesses are businesses….profit! They have to turn a profit or they’re out of business. No single individual can change the business tax rates, that’s a job for Congress. Any candidate saying he’ll lower those tax rates is presuming he’s also Congress. It’s baloney for votes! Our business tax rates are the highest of all industrialized nations, they must be lowered. That will take action of the Congress, after which a President signs his signature…or he could be overridden.

    Our constitutional system will work, it has worked every time we had a Congress and President who respected the U.S. Constitution. Just because Obama considers the Constitution an impediment doesn’t mean it is! It IS to him, because he’s a lousy deal maker, and he enjoys recreation instead of production. Just consider whatever deals he’s made, they all were lousy. That’s because his heart isn’t in doing right for the USA, the opposite is true for him.

    Anyway, I hope the people of our nation have learned, “All that glitters is not gold.” We still have time with these presidential candidates, it would be a crime to pronounce it a “done deal.” If these sharpies aren’t forthcoming with sensible, substantive, plans to convey to us, we are not obliged to support them, we are obliged to reject them.
    The last almost eight years should have taught us what really counts and what doesn’t. Do your own research, “It ain’t rocket science,” and don’t let that “bought and paid for” news media make up THEIR MINDS for YOU.

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