Hillary Plays “Barking Dog” Card!


By John W Lillpop

Unable to translate her “female privilege” into sufficient votes from daft women, Hillary Rodham Clinton is now employing a “barking dog” ploy in a last-gasp desperate attempt to derail Bernie Sanders and his socialist malarkey which has enraptured millions of millennials and other Democrat-inclined malcontents.

As shown in online videos, Hillary’s barking dog strategy has the former “inevitability queen” barking and yelping into a campaign microphone like a BITC* in heat!

No doubt many Clinton supporters, also known as culturally-deprived dim wits, would be convinced by Clinton’s barking dog stunt.

However, remember this, Hillary: FBI investigators and Grand Jury participants are NOT likely to be so easily swayed. In simple terms, that dog will NOT hunt before educated and intelligent voters!

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