Trump Advocates For Expanded Socialized Health Care: “They Can Have Their Doctors, They Can Have Their Plans”

Donald Trump Advocates for Expanding Obamacare

In his interview with Scott Pelley, Trump stated that his health care plan is un-Republican.  He also makes the same promises on healthcare that Obama did in respect to keeping your doctors and health plans.  We all know how that turned out.

Watch the video below and pay special attention to Bill Whittle’s free market healthcare plan.  That is a plan we can all support.  Healthcare should be dictated by the free market and not government bureaucrats.

Trump’s Interview with Scott Pelley

As usual, Trump makes things sound better than what he actually plans to do.  There are no details in his plan and he is not a leader in finding real solutions that would work for America.

Unlike Trump, Ted Cruz has a plan for free-market health care on his website and wants to enact reforms that make health care personal, portable, and affordable.  Specifically, he would like to open insurance markets across state lines, expand Health Savings Accounts, and delink health insurance from employment.

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